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  1. New entrant shakes up Assembly race
  2. Presence at event rankles rival
  3. Inland Tea Parties remain strong
  4. more competitive congressional districts
  5. Tea Party Express zips through Bakersfield
  6. Gavin Newsom has dropped out of the race for Calif.
  7. Jerry Brown's spokesman admits secret recordings
  8. Hanford Republican jumps into state Senate race
  9. Pete Parra's 'yes' launches dream match
  10. Third party challenges are warning sign
  11. Corporate Guidelines For The Politics Section
  12. McCain Loses In Nevada
  13. All eyes turn to Maine
  14. Republican Christie captures NJ governor's seat
  15. Election Results May Boost Immigration Reform in Congress
  16. Tancredo Weighs Governor's Race
  17. Governor Arnold Bids Farewell To Senator Cogdill
  18. Governor's Website Pics
  19. American Moderate Party
  20. New Law Used To Overrule Majority Rule; Enrich Lawyer Who Wrote It
  21. Lou Dobbs To Run for Political Office?
  22. Considering Tom Campbell for Governor
  23. Blockbuster !
  24. Trick or treat, is it for real !
  25. USLC Meets To Consider Changing Electoral College
  26. Brown Blesses State Pay Cuts
  27. Sarah Palin? American Nationalist or Phony Patriot?
  28. Mexican Gangs Control Calif. City Gov'ts
  29. Any way you look at it, Obama's going down!
  30. Loyal to who?
  31. Donations/contributions - questions.
  32. Texas District Jettisons Hispanic Preference Voting
  33. Obama Challenge - Latino Support
  34. Sacramento Power Struggle
  35. Youn show me yours, I'll show you mine !!!!
  36. Even Hollywood is turning against Gore!
  37. John A Perez; California's Next Speaker Of The House
  38. The real fat cat party
  39. Baldwin Urges Voters To Re-register To Aid AIP Candidate Nightingale
  40. WATCH THIS GUY!! Congressional Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Allen West
  41. SEIU Proposes to legalize illegals
  42. Good News from FLA rist's campaign for the U.S. Senate is currently in deep trouble
  43. Poll: What grade would you give Obama?
  44. Pelosi’s immigration dodge
  45. Boxer, Hell No!
  46. CA Meet & Greet
  47. Looks like we might have a woman governor!
  48. AIP Likely To Restrict 2010 Primary Voters
  49. Gub Candidate steps in it on 2A forum
  50. Duplicate Records Check Criteria For Cal Voter
  51. Is it a scam ?
  52. Democrats hope Republican infighting helps stem November losses
  53. Candidates add nothing to discussion
  54. Campbell leaves governor's race to run for U.S. Senate
  55. This is going to be so great!
  56. Democrats hope Republican infighting helps stem November losses
  57. Coakley Admits She ‘Looked the Other Way’ on Immigration Law
  58. This is Great - Scott Brown kicks Gergen's ass LOL
  59. Official Scott Brown thread for the week
  60. Is Obama The Democrat's George Bush?
  61. The Nuts v. The Creeps
  62. Screwed Again! Palin endorses McCain!
  63. Zsa Zsa Gabor's Husband Runs For Governor
  64. Leland Yee Wants Election Day Registrations In Calif
  65. No right to secret ballot?
  66. Bill Hunt at Orange County Sheriff
  67. Turner Endorses Nightingale
  68. Tea Party dabbles in immigration politics
  69. Larry Naritelli for Governor?
  70. Sherman: Town Hall...
  71. Jack Murtha - dead at 77 !
  72. La Raza Candidate Aims For Sacramento City Council
  73. Shami says whites unwilling to take on jobs in factories
  74. Underdog Hayworth says he'll rap McCain on illegal immigration
  75. Chelena Just Can't Catch A Break With The Media
  77. Tea Party closes discussion on illegal immigration
  78. GOP bill aims to retool immigrant birthright citizenship
  79. Bill requires cops to check immigration status
  80. Anti-illegal immigration bill won’t go to full House
  81. Public Embraces J.D. Hayworth for U.S. Senator
  82. Tea Party is being being attacked
  83. Illegal immigration is discussed by Texas politicians, police officials
  84. CPAC exposes GOP split over illegal immigration
  85. Ariz Legislature Considers Demand for Obama Birth Certificate
  86. Poll: More than half of Hispanics identify as conservative
  87. Organizing Kids for Obama
  88. George Runner Abandons SOS Rally
  89. David gauny On SCVTalk.com
  90. Whitman: Doing more with less could save $15 billion
  91. Poizner, CFR Member
  92. E-Verify measure killed
  93. Prenatal-care issue could figure into endorsements
  94. "We Like Women Party" Attempts To Qualify
  95. Black Congressional Candidate: Impeach Obama!
  96. Utah State Senate OKs watered down illegal immigration bill
  97. SOS Victory In SCV
  98. From a very leftist view. http://news.ncmonline.com/news/view_article.html?article_id
  99. "Save Our State?" "SOS?"
  100. Dick Armey All American Traitor
  101. A Confusing (Chelene) political event
  102. Massa Details Naked Shower Fight With 'Son of the Devil's Spawn'
  103. SUBMIT QUESTIONS - Whitman - Poizner Debate in Costa Mesa
  104. Obanma can't sell watermelons !
  105. Oh yes, they are really planning on coming for us.
  106. Devore, pandering
  107. Calif GOP enthusiasm: Will it equal registration?
  108. Chelene Fundraising Not going well
  109. Meg Whitman's Illegal Immigration Policy
  110. Divided party?
  111. GOP grabs illegal immigration as election issue
  112. Latinos increasingly critical of Obama's record on immigration
  113. Wilson's return may hurt GOP Latino outreach
  114. Click link below to send a virtal postcard to ALL of the Undecideds voting on ObamaCa
  115. Here's an easy way to send 30 Post cards to 30 Congressmen who appear to be on the fe
  116. It's better to be paralyzed from the neck down, than to be paralyzed from the neck up
  117. Al Shartpon: Americand voted overwhelmingly for socialism
  118. Steve Poizner's Ad Touts Tough Immigration Line
  119. Arizona House OKs illegal immigration measure
  120. Poizner launches new ad slamming rival on illegal immigration
  121. Rep Bob Filner (Fundraiser) in San Diego 4-08
  122. Georga: Senate Approves Incentives For Federal Crackdown
  123. Poizner and Whitman give their opinions
  124. Lawmakers OK Ohio DNA bill
  125. Sen. Graham: Obamacare Doomed Immigration Bill
  126. Arizona sets a minefield for illegal aliens
  127. The Dodd “Financial Reform” Bill Lets Soros Off the Hook
  128. Bill Hunt's Remarkable Rise
  129. Olbermann’s Smear of Tea Partiers Backfires
  130. Watered-down prenatal-care bill advances in Neb.
  131. Thomas: Illegal immigration enforcement campaign priority
  132. Tancredo calls for Napolitano’s resignation
  133. GOP's Michael Steele Getting Ready to Sell Us Out
  134. Politicians Move Forward, Aware of How Unpopular Amnesty is With Citizens
  135. True conservatism best for America
  136. Steele Asked to Withdraw from Sharpton Event
  137. Dick Morris: Immigration Reform Dead
  138. Former IL Gov. Jim Edgar Urges Business Leaders To Support Immigration Reform
  139. Media Analyst Who Filmed Flag-Burning Anti-War Rally Asks, Where’s the Outrage?
  140. Bullfeathers! GOP's own party’s political history
  141. Mexican congressman criticizes Oklahoma law
  142. 2 lawmakers question details of immigration bill
  143. Agents Provocateurs and the Tea Parties
  144. Nightingales Goes Mobile
  145. AG calls new immigration legislation 'troubling'
  146. Mayoress forced to apologise after making online joke about immigrants
  147. Arizona's immigration bill might be the first of many to block illegal aliens
  148. AZ Senate to vote Monday on controversial immigration bill
  149. Bill passed Arizona Senate:Arizona bill tells police to check immigration status
  150. House Hispanic leaders ask Obama to block Arizona bill
  151. Arizona Legislature Passes Tough Illegal Immigration Bill
  152. Bill Hunt and Sheriff Joe in OC
  153. Arizona fallout: Can Senate take up immigration reform from scratch?
  154. Sharpton vows to protest Arizona immigration bill
  155. enator Lindsey Graham is backing away from introducing a new gas tax.
  156. Farmers Branch keeps up illegal-immigration fight
  157. GOP lawmakers to block Democrats' efforts to push ahead with immigration reform
  158. Immigration Reform Bubbles
  159. AZ Senate Race: McCain vs. Hayworth
  160. Senators expected to touch on Arizona's illegal immigration crackdown during hearing
  161. Lawsuits expected over Ariz. illegal immigrant law
  162. Vander Plaats favors an Arizona-style immigration law
  163. The politics of immigration
  164. Now Ohio being pressured into AZ-style immigrant law
  165. LA Could Pass Arizona Boycott
  166. Hill Republicans dodge on Arizona law
  167. An ugly but needed law
  168. I caucus The independent Caucus
  169. Immigration complicates races
  170. Perry and White likely to tread lightly on immigration
  171. The President tossing in the towel on amnesty in 2010?
  172. Ariz. lawmakers give conservatives plenty to cheer
  173. Rep. Torrisi regrets vulgar e-mail response to talk-show host
  174. I'd vote for him, but he's not here
  175. Number of states attempting sb 1070: 12
  176. 2 Ariz. City Councils Vote to Sue Over New Law
  177. Pa. Rep. Proposes Immigration Legislation
  178. Obama Urges Congress to Start Immigration Overhaul This Year
  179. Councilwoman backs Arizona immigration law
  180. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Rejects Schumer's Plea to Delay Immigration Law
  181. Nightingale Barred From Using AIP Status?
  182. Michigan lawmaker plans Arizona-like immigration bill
  183. Rand Paul has defeated Republican establishment favorite Trey Grayson
  184. Nightingale Becomes Debtor Again In Court Case
  185. Immigration Law in Arizona Reveals G.O.P. Divisions
  186. Yes it IS an impeachable offense
  187. Is Rhetoric Replacing Reality?
  188. BBC: Obama security strategy to highlight domestic terrorism
  189. Ariz. SB 1070: The true cost of political backlash
  190. Childish Behavior at the Upper Echelons of Government
  191. Ginni Thomas: Democrats Imposing Tyranny
  192. Subversion against "Decline to state" voters begins
  193. "in your face" census workers
  194. Congresswoman: White Supremacist Groups Behind Arizona Immigration Law
  195. National Debate Over Arizona Law Shifts to Local Stage, Campaign Trail
  196. Ethical Profiling
  197. Californians, there is an election this Tuesday, 6-8-2010
  198. Violent Assault on Tea Party Activist Nathan Tabor by Obama Supporter
  199. At Convention, Texas GOP Passes Immigration Plank Similar to Arizona Law
  200. Arizona May Target Children of Illegal Immigrants
  201. National Mayors Group Condemns 'Un-American' Arizona Immigration Law
  202. USA Today/Gallup Poll: Near-Record 49% Call Democratic Party 'Too Liberal'
  203. Residents get 6 votes each to boost 'Hispanic' representation.
  204. Walter Moore Endorses Nighten-stein
  205. General Stanley McChristal - poll.
  206. John McCain claims he “never supported amnesty”
  207. Fiorna Panders In Sacramento
  208. Inside the Black Panther case Anger, ignorance and lies
  209. Jan Brewer Won't Be Bullied in Meeting With Obama
  210. Cutting illegal immigrants off from power, literally
  211. Somali Pirates go to heaven !
  212. Great interview:Issa Talks Real Immigration Reform
  213. It is morally unacceptable and just plain wrong ...
  214. McCain vs. Hayworth Debate in AZ Senate Race
  215. Nightingale Lowers Herself To Forum Use Again
  216. Tom Tancredo: Impeach Obama
  217. Tancredo looking to run for Gov
  218. What the founders thought of protest
  219. The risks of the Tea Party Caucus
  220. AZ Court Ruling and Anti-Democrat Backlash
  221. Meg Whitman: The Flip-Flopper (VIDEO)
  222. Reagan v. Obama
  223. Chelene and AIP Upheaval
  224. Nightingale the "Christian" Uses Anything for Her Agenda
  225. Obama States He Isn't American In Video
  226. 60,000 babies born each year to illegal immigrants in Texas gain ‘birthright citizens
  227. GOP Leader Boehner Says End Birthright Citizenship
  228. McCain Sell Out Begins
  229. Bob Filner Fundraiser in San Diego Sept 12
  230. Farmworkers Seek Union Victory When Bosses Meddle In Election
  231. Mitchell wants tougher laws against illegal immigration
  232. Harry Reid Anchor Babies Flip Flop
  233. How Could an American President Be so Anti-American?
  234. McCain Expected To Easily Defeat Hayworth
  235. Coming Soon To Your Elections - More Multilingual Ballots
  236. Nightingale Hedging Bet On Immigration
  237. McCain Takes The Primary Again
  238. Another Cigarette Tax Increase Before the Voters
  239. Nightingale's Latest Campaign Disclosure Statement
  240. Maine Ballot Initiative Seeks to Extend Vote to Legal Immigrants
  241. Pandering In the 60's - Jackie Kennedy In Spanish
  242. Nightingale Coming To Sacramento
  243. This is what passes for a Conservative?
  244. Oh dear me !!!!!!!!!!
  245. I didn't believe it when I saw it, but it's true
  246. Obama's approval ratings just keep on tanking!
  247. With "conservatives" like these ...
  248. Why all of this has been Democrats fault
  249. Chelene Nightingale Article by Jill Flyer
  250. Menifee man says stealing signs was a good deed