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  1. Wanted: Murdering Pond Scum In South Sacramento
  2. DEA intercepted Reno calls in Mexican drug bust
  3. Should drivers go to jail when a momentary distraction behind the wheel turns fatal?
  4. Fees and penalties drive traffic ticket costs through the roof
  5. Teacher accused of being drunk in class back at school, no charges to be filed
  6. Man stole ferret by shoving in pants
  7. Medi-Cal / Home services fraud
  8. Fugitive in 1999 Sheboygan assault arrested in Kansas City
  9. Remember these murders that the media ignored?
  10. Six Hemet men indicted on cocaine trafficking charges
  11. Top cop has identity stolen
  12. Assemblyman questions closure of private prisons
  13. 6 South Florida residents indicted for immigration benefit fraud
  14. 111,000 Illegals Getting "3 Hots & a Cot"
  15. Human trafficking has been called an unseen crime
  16. Ariz. Prosecutor Files 1st Employer Sanctions Case
  17. Deputies Seize Nearly 700 Pounds of Marijuana from 3 U.S. Soldiers
  18. Woman with stroller attacked.
  19. ACORN Mismanaged $200,000 of DOJ Funding,
  20. Woman gets 40 years in sexual assault captured on video
  21. more reasons why our country and courts need to be fixed
  22. Thefts of license tags rising
  23. 2 men plead guilty to running prostitution ring
  24. pair accused of smuggling, enslaving illegal Mexican immigrants
  25. Seattle Cop Killer Hailed as Muslim Hero
  26. Death of Kingpin (graphic video)
  27. Man stabbed to death after argument over speaking English
  28. Illegal Alien Charged with Murder in Polk
  29. Is this shades of things to come?
  30. Crackdown on Welfare Fraud
  31. Bishop arrested
  32. El Monte school board member slain in Mexico
  33. Two illegal aliens charged with murder in Virginia Beach (sanctuary city)
  34. Diversity you just want to put your arms around, NOT!
  35. San Rafael man donates a dollar, gets slugged in return
  36. Suspect in machete attack regrets girl survived
  37. San Rafael police release peeper photo
  38. Man Claims to Be Illegal Immigrant to Avoid Facing Charge
  39. Mexico arrests leader of gang
  40. Challenging Someone To A Fight Is Illegal
  41. Sacramento Illegal Alien Crime Tracker
  42. LaShish Restaurant, Organized Crime in Michigan (from 2007)
  43. Convicted Vegas bomber gets life without parole
  44. False ID Document Mill Shut Down in Virginia
  45. Man accused in death of 9-year-old rejects plea deal
  46. killer Huang Chen ripped out victim Qian Wu's heart and lungs
  47. Bus companies accused of immigrant smuggling
  48. Immigrant smuggling raids hit Texas bus companies
  49. Larry Lost a Screw
  50. Australia: Get Out!
  51. Three accused in smuggling of illegal immigrants
  52. Wyoming illegal immigration cases triple
  53. Bar owner indicted on sex trafficking charges
  54. 4 accused of nabbing Texas man later found slain
  55. Hiring Illegal Immigrants May Lead to Jail in Utah
  56. Man accused in Ariz. rapes pleads guilty in deal
  57. Smuggler sentenced in Kansas for human trafficking
  58. 11 Illegal Aliens Arrested for Document Fraud
  59. 5 arrested in Norristown brothel bust
  60. Gang members target random victims
  61. Reno business owner facing federal charges of employing illegal immigrants
  62. Early Prisoner Releases, County Audit Expose L A County Incapable In Public Safety Cr
  63. Why are so many children falling prey to criminal aliens?
  64. Queens Woman Ordered to Pay $3M in Immigration Scam
  65. ACORN Registration Workers Charged With Felony Voter Fraud
  66. Sylvia Handy pleads guilty
  67. Hispanics & Blacks LISTED AS WHITES...
  68. Moreno Valley Killing May Be Linked To Illegals
  69. Mexico gunmen kill American consulate staff
  70. Human Rights Report on Mexico Does Not Include Homicide Victims Who Are U.S. Citizens
  71. ACORN Branches Rename, Rebrand After Video Scandal
  72. Panamanian murderer caught in D.C., lived off federal subsidies (note the last line)
  73. Mexico's drug war takes growing toll on Americans
  74. In California, Killers Sit on 'Symbolic' Death Row for Decades, Costing Billions
  75. Monitoring of Parolees Cut Drastically
  76. Day Laborer Kills His Employer
  77. Breaking: Border Rancher Rob Krentz And Dog Found Shot To Death
  78. Illegal immigrant indicted for murder
  79. American Muslim Arrested for Threatening To Kill Congressman Cantor
  80. Police fatally shoot illegal immigrant near airport
  81. Border Patrol Agent Ambushed
  82. Mexican woman, 94, tries to smuggle drugs in Ariz.
  83. Texas border agent kills Mexican with marijuana
  84. Screening for jailed immigrants criticized
  85. Twice deported Mexican illegal alien serial rapist sentenced to 168 ½ years in prison
  86. Timbuktu faces more immigration allegations
  87. S. Border
  88. Two Mexican Inmates Escape From Texas Prison
  89. Illegal immigrant sentenced to 42 years in prison for sexual assaults
  90. ALIPAC email, have you seen it?
  91. Attack on Jindal Aide and Boyfriend Politically Motivated (Beaten for wearing Palin
  92. Carpet maker, employees reach $18M settlement over claims company hired illegal immig
  93. Captured immigrants ID'd as sex offenders
  94. Van companies accused of immigrant-smuggling
  95. DPS Nabs Suspected Smuggler During Raid
  96. Sheriff: 282 arrested in San Diego County sweep
  97. 52 arrested by Ontario police in Mexican Mafia bust
  98. Person of Interest in Rob Krentz murder (pic)
  99. New immigration law may have sparked the vandalism
  100. Life Sentence Sought In US Slaughterhouse Case
  101. Feds: 69 illegal immigrants found at AZ drop house
  102. Illegal Alien sentenced to 40 years for murder of Border Patrol Agent
  103. 'My children almost got shot': Teen's slaying shakes Canal
  104. Fabian Nunez's Son Chooses Jury Trial
  105. Illegal rapes a 6 yr old in Arizona
  106. Why Ariz. is being read the riot act about its new laws (VIDEO)
  107. Underage slaughterhouse workers testify in Iowa
  108. Immigration checks expand at Inland jails
  109. New Mexico: CYFD cracks down on illegal immigrants
  110. Edmonds rape suspect deported nine times
  111. Poster Boy for Immigration Crisis?
  112. Liberal State Rep. in accident with suspected illegal immigrant
  113. Former ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis Arrested at Pro-Illegal Immigration Protest!
  114. Jailed illegal immigrants pose policy dilemma
  115. Putting Faces on Crimes by Illegal Aliens
  116. Fabian Nunez's Son Gets 16 years
  117. Mexican Citizen Gets 8 Years For Cheating EDD
  118. teen seriously injured in DWI hit-and-run accident involving illegal immigrant
  119. Mexican man found guilty in Neb. girl's killing
  120. Ever wonder why there are so many illegal aliens in CA?
  121. Feds make 105 arrests in sting targeting gangs
  122. Mexifornia State Flower - Revisited
  123. Mexico arrests many drug suspects, but few charged and even fewer convicted
  124. Arizona Sheriff Joe's head: Mexican drug cartel offers $1M bounty for Arpaio (video)
  125. Illegal immigrant who killed nun in accident was released by feds
  126. guardian.co.uk on the Drug War
  127. Lawyers for Levy's accused killer, prosecutors battle over jury pool
  128. Phoenix Bars a Recruiting Ground for Drug Cartels
  129. Judge Says No To Shaw Murder Trial Move
  130. Tow Truck Driver Who Ran Down Mom And Kids Has A Record (Illegal Immigrant)
  131. Slow Motion Slaughter
  132. No charges filed in Daly City slaying near Muni
  133. unlicensed contractor sting
  134. Red Door Gang Sold Arranged Marriages To Foreigners
  135. San Rafael driver charged in collision with cyclist
  136. Government Report Cites ACORN Offshoot for 'Ineligible' Payments, Grant Problems
  137. Small-town mayor stoned to death in western Mexico
  138. 2 farm workers sue over alleged discrimination
  139. Search teams seek US man shot in Mexican waters
  140. Man arrested for allegedly peeping into San Gabriel Valley restrooms
  141. Mexico ID's Border Lake Suspects
  142. Mexican investigator in Falcon Lake case is beheaded, officials say
  143. Prison cutbacks expected to continue under Brown
  144. Sacramento Bust Nets Immigration Document Mill
  145. They just come here to work ...
  146. Illegal Teen Arrested For Recent Murder Of 15 Year Old
  147. Texas Firefighter Arrested For Transporting Undocumented and Money Laundering
  148. Teen says Mexican cartel made him kill
  149. DA: 7 arrested in $500,000 child care fraud
  150. 10 children rescued from smugglers in Phoenix
  151. Hostess Club Raid, Did Police Arrest the Victims?
  152. Another U.S. Citizen Body In The Ground
  153. Mexican government: Slain drug lord was 'spiritual leader' of cartel
  154. Time to play hardball with feds over illegal immigrants in prison
  155. Times Defends Clinton Lawyer’s Work for Killer
  156. More spin:Arizona Suspected Gunman Had 'Troubled Past,' But Mostly Flew Under Radar
  157. Tom DeLay Gets 3 Years in Prison for Money Laundering
  158. Thieves Steal $65,000 Worth of Bronze Plaques From War Memorial
  159. Immigration crackdown in Grand Rapids includes people from 5 countries
  160. Latino Attending Cockfight Is Felled By Rooster
  161. Man Gets 60 Years in Prison in Levy Slaying
  162. Illegal immigrant charged with triple murder in Virginia
  163. Armenian Organized Crime Crackdown
  164. Three Arrested in Cartel's Alleged Murder-for-Hire Plot Targeting Victims in Californ
  165. Saudi Citizen in Texas Charged in Suspected Bombing Plot
  166. Police: Arizona Beheading Incident Tied to Mexican Drug Cartel
  167. Zapata Co. Sheriff's Office Identifies Four Suspects in David Hartley Case
  168. Labor Contractor Expects Leniency Deal In Illegal Worker's Death
  169. Federal Trade Commission Ranks AZ 2nd On ID Theft Complaints
  170. Another California Murder By An Illegal Mexican
  171. ICE atty gets lengthy sentence in bribery case
  172. ICE atty sentenced in bribery case
  173. Illegal Immigrant Charged In Toddler's Rape
  174. 11-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped in California Park Bathroom
  175. Woman Demands Government Find Body of Husband Shot on Mexican Border
  176. Illegal Aliens Dubbed 'Duct Tape Bandits'
  177. Man uses fake leg to take down robber
  178. Detroit woman(illegal) among 8 detained at Georgia protest
  179. O.C. family arrested on suspicion of arranging fake marriages for illegal immigrants
  180. Tijuana Police Make Arrest in U.S. Agent's Killing
  181. McDonald's Managers Charged With Selling Stolen Identities to Prospective Workers
  182. Federal agents raided 15 Chuy’s Mesquite Broiler restaurants
  183. NY taxpayers could foot bill for rapist's heart transplant
  184. Shawna Forde
  185. Former L.A. immigration officer took bribes, provided documents to illegal immigrants
  186. U.S.-bred Criminal Alleged to be the Mastermind Behind Mexico Killings, Mass Graves
  187. Supreme Court backs cuts to CA prison population
  188. Illegal Immigrant Arrested in Death of Texas Police Officer
  189. Suspect in Custody in 2003 Murder of Border Patrol Agent in Mexico
  190. Suspect in gang slayings arrested in Mexico
  191. Man Receives Life Sentence in Border Agent's Death
  192. Thieves and Criminals In The Anti-illegal Immigration Movement
  193. Mexico Arrests Cartel Leader Suspected in Killing of U.S. Agent
  194. Illegal Alien arrested for Sexually Assualting 14 year old Girl in Logan Heights
  195. Bloody fingerprints link suspect to body in bushes
  196. Vegas cops nab 208 pounds meth, arrest illegal immigrants
  197. 9 charged with smuggling immigrants or drugs by boat
  198. 38th suspect arrested in Utah marijuana bust
  199. U.S. Court Interpreter Killed in Mexico After Being Held for Ransom
  200. Man Accused of Setting Wife on Fire
  201. Illegal alien cop killer has extensive rap sheet, reports watchdog group
  202. Arrest and Deportation of Violent Illegal Immigrant Joao Brito
  203. Man accused of groping three women in Ann Arbor pleads no contest to all charges
  204. Calif Border:Narcotic Busts Reach Alarming Number on Border
  205. Robert Rosas has been dead for two years ...
  206. Body dragged from Mexico
  207. ACLU sues Utah jail over policy on immigrants
  208. Anatomy Of An Illegal Alien DUI
  209. Illegal Immigrant Charged in Hit-And-Run Death of 23-Year-Old Massachusetts Man
  210. Granny Arrested for Smuggling Illegal Immigrants
  211. Immigrant rights activists arrested after entering L.A. federal building
  212. The President's Drunk Driving Uncle ...
  213. Immigration Offenses Make Latinos New Majority in Federal Prisons,
  214. Former Brawley resident arrested, extradited from Mexicali
  215. Recycling Company Executives Face Jail for Hiring Undocumented Workers
  216. 5 Arrested In Mexico-To-Philly Drug Pipeline
  217. Corruption, Racial Discrimination as Construction Gangs Steal Millions in Texas
  218. Man Suspected of Murdering Young Massachusetts Mom May Be In U.S. Illegally
  219. Five severed HEADS found in sack outside Mexican primary school
  220. Twelve motorcycle gang leaders arrested in massive police raid of drugs and weapons
  221. "Red"]Yes, these are the aunts, uncles, cousins, fathers, sisters, mothers, friends a
  222. Cockfighting Raid in California Uncovers Children Living in sheds, $1M Meth Stash
  223. Drug Cartels Recruiting Texas Students
  224. Border agent jailed for arresting drug smuggler
  225. Texan Pleads Guilty to Smuggling Guns Tied to Shooting Death of U.S. Immigration Agen
  226. When caught breaking laws make sure ...
  227. Impounding Cars Of Unlicensed Drivers
  228. California couple sentenced in smuggling case
  229. Illegal immigrants involved in fatal crashes may face higher bail
  230. Normal Rules Don't Apply
  231. Businesswoman Sentenced For Hiring Illegal Immigrants
  232. Oh happy day, look who the "victims" are.
  233. Black Teen in Florida Kills Two White Students in Cold Blood – No Outrage and No Apol
  234. Welfare abuse runs deep
  235. Four Years After His Death, Murder Trial Set to Begin in Case of Slain High School Fo
  236. Latino Street Gangs a Major Law Issue in US
  237. Mississippi prison riot leaves guard dead, 8 hurt
  238. Jamiel Shaw's family praised the jury's recommendation of death for their son's kille
  239. Obama DREAM Amnesty Fraud?
  240. Juana Simply Can't Believe It
  241. L.A. Is Practically Lawless
  242. Richard Alarcon and his wife have been ordered to stand trial on perjury and voter fr
  243. LD PD Chief Beck
  244. Finally: A sentence For Aiding A Person Fleeing To Mexico
  245. Fabian Nunez's Wife Attempts To Defraud Insurance Company For Esteban's Defense
  246. Two Mexicans Arrested In 1988 Murder Of Young Woman
  247. Illegal Kills Niece; Drives Around for Hours With Body
  248. Incestuous Rape Begets Children; Man With 2 ID's Held
  249. UCSB Tragedy Spurs Immediate Blame On NRA
  250. Senator Rod Wright Released After 90 Minutes In Jail