View Full Version : Fugitive in 1999 Sheboygan assault arrested in Kansas City

10-30-2009, 03:35 PM
Fugitive in 1999 Sheboygan assault arrested in Kansas City
A likely illegal immigrant who fled Sheboygan 10 years ago after being charged with the sexual assault of a teenage girl has been captured in Kansas City, officials said Tuesday.

The man, whom different agencies list under at least three different names and ages, was tracked down by the U.S. Marshals Service on Monday, said Douglas Bachert, supervisor of the Marshals' Milwaukee office. He will not be extradited to face a charge of felony second-degree sexual assault.
"We don't really know what his real name is, but we can say that's that guy's picture and his fingerprint, and he's our suspect," said Detective Paul Olsen of the Sheboygan Police Department, a member of the Marshals fugitive task force. "This guy was kind of like chasing a ghost."
The man, who was charged in Sheboygan County as 32-year-old Carlos Gonzalez, has a detainer from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Kansas City under the name Jose Morales. The detainer typically means he is in the country illegally, but Olsen could not confirm the man's immigration status.
When arrested, the man identified himself as Antonio Fuentes-Melendez, 29.
The man identified as Gonzalez was arrested in October 1999 for the assault of a 14-year-old girl. A criminal complaint said the man was 22 at the time and said he thought the girl was 19.
He was charged in January 2000 but released after Judge Timothy Van Akkeren imposed a $2,000 signature bond in the case. The bond which requires no cash was issued even though the man admitted forging an alien registration card that bore his name and fingerprint.
The man signed the bond and was not heard from in Sheboygan County again until Olsen submitted the ink fingerprint from the card to the State Crime Lab several months ago. He said he submitted the card after coming across the warrant during a routine review of the department's outstanding warrants.
The fingerprint was matched to a man in Kansas City using the name Jose Morales, who had been arrested in June.
Olsen said a woman with the man when he was arrested protested that he shouldn't be arrested because the Sheboygan case happened so long ago, further tying him to the crime.
"That was a nice reassurance, because all we had was this one fingerprint and a 10-year-old picture," Olsen said. "It's kind of gratifying to go back and get some justice and find these people."