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Old 02-02-2013, 02:41 PM
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Default Gun Control Meets Immigration Reform

Gun Control Meets Immigration Reform

Putting guns back into the hands of criminals

There are two hot agendas dominating the Obama administration in Washington these days, and it's probably no coincidence that they are being prosecuted simultaneously. Gun control and comprehensive immigration reform are like twin bulldozers trying to roar their way through house and senate proceedings. Immigration reform has been a constant theme in Washington for a decade now, but gun control proponents have siezed upon current events in the hopes of striking while the iron is hot. Politicians see no harm in attacking their opposition in concert, because the opposition to both of these agendas is often percieved as being cut from the same political cloth. I'm not entirely convinced that is true anymore, because I think the Democrats have villainized the republicans as anti-immigrant the way the republicans have villainized the democrats as anti-gun. In any case, the two seemingly unconnected issues do have a particularly un-discussed link.

Current immigration reform proposals would see 12 to 15 million illegal aliens given a green card, lawful presence status, and a pathway to become a citizen. Current gun control proposals would further restrict types of weapons, place more emphasis on background checks, reporting of sales, and removing guns from prohibited persons.The majority of the common thought and publicity aired in relation to gun control is being marketed as getting guns off the streets, and getting guns out of the hands of criminals. No one would argue against getting guns out of the hands of criminals, but there are passionate exchanges between opposing forces about restricting types of weapons available to people who are not criminals, and whether there is any sense in depriving law abiding people from having guns on the streets when all the criminals are armed to the teeth and don't obey the gun laws anyway. All of these issues are where gun control clashes with immigration reform.

Should gun control legislation hope to have any affect on the amount of guns on the streets, or keeping guns out of the hands of those who would mis-use them, it would have to cause some statistical drops in gun crimes in the major cities where the largest numbers of gun crimes occur. We're talking about cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, etc. Unfortunately, these are also the types of cities that are heavily populated with illegal aliens. An illegal alien has no lawful ability to purchase a firearm. Not only has that been made a law, but the courts have also ruled that an illegal alien has no 2nd amendment right under the US constitution. We read about illegals being arrested with guns all the time though, so they are obviously obtaining them unlawfully somehow. An illegal alien cannot walk into a gun store and purchase a gun, so they have to beg, borrow, steal, or purchase on the black market. Certainly that current barrier is slowing down the violent gun crime in those cities that are thick with illegals.

Along comes comprehensive immigration reform. The proposal to give lawful presence to, let's use the pro-amnesty lobby's self-serving low estimate of 12 million people, will naturally entitle them to lawfully purchase a firearm. That's the day after they are granted that green card too. Not after they get any proposed citizenship next year or next several years. The green card is also a green light to go to the gun shop. I won't say that all 12 million are inherent firearm buyers, but as human nature goes, it is inevitable that a large share of them will be. You've got to remember that these are people that are low income wage earners who live in high crime inner cities rife with threats from neighbors, gangs, thieves, and burglars. I'm willing to wager that Latino owned gun stores will be opening by the scores in those cities a few months after any amnesty is passed. I'd also predict that within two years of that amnesty, there will be 12 million more guns sold in America, because even if only half are the gun buying type, they will be buying more than one gun.

The Background Check

Yes, it's true that a green card gives lawful status for gun purchases. There is still the purportedly weak link of a background check to contend with. This is one of the areas where gun control efforts are being proposed. Unfortunately though, illegals have been living under fraudulent identities for the most part, and a background check certainly isn't going to turn up a history of mental instability in Mexico. Add to that, the background check will be supplied by the same administration that has been so eager to keep those illegal aliens here, that they have intentionally ignored their use of fraudulent identities and identity theft. This is an administration that has their political lips firmly planted on the illegal alien demographic's hiney, and refuses to enforce immigration law to the point of defying laws already passed by congress. In addition, many cities hosting large illegal alien populations have declared themselves as sanctuaries from federal immigration laws, and some of which have been purposely withholding prosecutions that normally carry sentences that would prohibit gun ownership, simply because they might also subject the alien to deportation proceedings. Many actual American citizens have been stripped of their right to own a firearm because they plead guilty to a misdemeanor that carried a possible penalty of a year and a day in jail. Many illegals have been spared that prohibition by having their charges reduced by illegal alien friendly prosecutors so they wouldn't end up put in the deportation proceedings qeue, and have to suffer the fate of real law enforcement. The situation happens like this: An illegal alien slaps his wife around, and is arrested. normally a violent offense, but to spare the family the prospect of being split up by that offense triggering a deportation hearing, the charge is reduced to something less. Hence, a violent person is not identified by the system.

Arming the criminals

Illegals are law breakers; that cannot be denied. Where there is argument is over the term criminals. We are told that illegal entry is a civil offense, and not a crime. Let's say that's true, but that's if you only enter once. Illegal entry the third time is a felony offense. A true crime. But for that to happen, they actually have to be charged. The administration has been reluctant to do so though. In fact, they release them if there's no immediate history of violence or if they have family ties here in the US. The same is true for identity theft. It can be a felony or a misdemeanor, but it is a crime, as is driving unlicensed. They are all crimes that go unprosecuted where illegals are concerned. So what we have are not undocumented aliens, but undocumented criminals. In any case, an undocumented criminal given a green card under Obama's current amnesty proposal is good to go buy a gun. Not only are they good to go to buy them, but good to go to sell them, use them, and lose them to their gang affiliated relatives who live with them, or are bribed, threatened, or otherwise coerced into handing them over to them. In short, we'd be arming the crap out of the inner cities, and dashing the hopes of reducing gun violence through any current effort to get guns off the streets. And if immigration reform preceeded any gun control measures that restricted magazine capacity and rapid fire rifles and handguns as has been proposed, all those green card recieving illegals are also good to buy (the media's favored term)...the dreaded assault weapon.

Why not support new gun owners

I must honestly say that I have to defend my position amongst my gun owner support betheren about assuming amnestied illegals will cause more gun crime. I'm told that once illegals have been given lawful presence, that they will be bolster the ranks of 2nd amendment proponents and support gun causes. As an immigration control proponent, I hear the same argument from the Christians who say they will bolster the ranks in the pews, and the anti tax crusaders who say latinos are natural conservatives. Aside from pointing to the last election that saw latinos voting heavily for liberal leaning candidates, and for increased taxes, I'd counter with the specifics of the illegal alien demographic also. They are law-breakers overall, and foreign lawbreakers to boot. These are people who have grown up with none of the values regarding American independence, nor the inherent responsibilities of gun ownership that native born get. In addition, a green card applicant or recipient isn't required to know a damn thing about the 2nd amendment, the constitution, this nations history, or even its' laws. The only thing that makes the majority of them fall into the gun supporter category is their proximity to the violence in this country. Not exactly reason enough for me to support passing them out gun permits, when their deportation solves not only that, but a whole lot more for people in my camp.

So let's see how the anti gun senators and congresspersons currently trying to railroad gun control measures through both houses reconcile their mutual support for 12 million more gun owners on the mean streets of inner city America simultaneously. The congress makes conflicting moves like that all the time, but the effects of those actions are usually borne by those on foreign soil. This one will be felt in Florida, California, Texas, and North Carolina just to name a few.

Davi Rodrigues

Save Our State

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