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Old 08-22-2012, 11:23 PM
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Default No-Fault Immigration

No-Fault Immigration

Anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to America's immigration debate can tell that the powers that manage our immigration system have definately abandoned any real practices of crime vs punishment. Thirty years ago, the US Border Patrol and the INS took an illegal presence quite seriously when they found one. The Border Patrol had offices all around the state, and conducted sweeps in areas where illegals were reported or suspected. A Green Card was still a cherished document that someone earned, and an immigrant (A real immigrant who wanted to be part of this great country) worked very hard to become a US citizen. But that was before two or so decades of corrupt politicians began bending over forward and backward to accomodate the greed and power lust of a relatively few entities who saw little personal harm in porous borders, a disposable cheap labor supply, and the breeding history of most third world nations inhabitants. In less than 20 years, the immigration system has been overwhelmed with lawbreakers, and has reached the point where checks and balances, such as those that are applied without mercy in the tax system, have all but been abandoned. The immigration system has now reached a point that it is almost totally disrespected and ignored by those who want to enter this country.

Even many of America's citizens have started to develop sympathy for people entering illegally or overstaying a visa. That could be in part due to the sheer amount of recent immigrants who have become citizens, and view any effort to keep fellow countrymen and family members out as inhumane or unfair. Also contributing to that is the citizens who marry an immigrant, hires an immigrant, or befriends one. All of them can find fault in the premise of any restrictions placed on people entering, working, or living in this country, because the immigrant they know are good people, and of course that applies universally to all immigrants. The one they know is hard working, pays his fair share to this evil war mongering government, and believes in the same values they do.

What we have come to now is an overflowing cup of excuses for those who have breached America's borders, or have overstayed their original welcome. What's more, the major forces who wield the power to apply remedies to the immigration issue have decided to change the the administration of immigration and visa issuance to what could be best described as a "no-fault" system. In a no-fault immigration system, anyone who was found in violation of the rules would not be a criminal, or even be held responsible for how that came to be. Whatever damages might have arisen from the violation would be borne by each parties own financial situation. Party A from guatemala is cited for selling tamales at WalMart, and a standard police background check turns up an unauthorized, uninspected entry to this country. Party B, the Immigration and Naturalization Service tells the local police, sorry for the trouble, but let Party A go because it's nobody's fault that Party A is unlawfully present. The congress won't agree to change the rules for entry, or the amount of entrants, so who can be blamed for the inevitable prospect that the law would be broken? The cost of finding fault and prosecuting the offending party is prohibitive, what with all the hearings, appeals, incarceration costs, etc, so it's just cheaper to say no one's at fault, and all the party's involved bear their own costs to remedy whatever damages are incurred.

Sound the slightest bit familiar? It should. This state tried to pass the equivilent to this in car crashes a couple decades ago, without success. In no fault insurance, two parties in a crash didn't sue each other to establish any degrees of fault. Each parties own insurance covered whatever damages their respective parties paid premiums for. No need for an ambulance chasing attorney, unless you had to sue your own insurance company of course, and no courts would be clogged with endless jury trials where one side or the other would try and prove who or what instigated the crash or just how horrific the losses were. The problem with no-fault insurance though is that bad drivers never get punished. Sure their own insurance rises a bit, but it's not necessarily relative to how bad thier driving was or is. In a no-fault scenario, insurance companies look at the whole market, not just the one insured, and you also have to consider that one insurance company could insure both parties in any given incident. The company raises premiums across the board for all, and if no fault is ever assigned, everyone is the bad driver to the insurance company

In perspective, a no-fault immigration system lets bad immigrants ply the country. It also lets too many immigrants ply the country. If no one is at fault for entering illegally or working illegally, then the system of checks and balances fails to control the flow and quality of foreigners within our borders. The entire country then pays the higher premiums, oftentimes in blood, but obviously in a monetary sense through diminished services and higher fees and taxes. At-fault immigration violations are the only thing that keeps our country from falling to the lower standards of those countries where a majority of foreigners who are entering this country come from. A person who caused an immigration incident is a bad immigrant or bad entrant.

For better or worse, the no-fault immigration plan seems to be the one of choice by the powers that control this country right now. It might not be quite as disturbing if the same powers that be extended this courtesy to us in the form of no-fault tax compliance, however that is most likely the source they are counting on to pay for the side effects of no-fault immigration. Anyone who doesn't know who will be seen as "at-fault" in a national deficit or debt crisis sure hasn't been paying attention to the budget crisis at the state level right here in California. It's those evil voters who campaign against paying higher taxes. Whether the issue be illegal immigration, taxes, or deficits, I believe our biggest problem started with no-fault government

Save Our State
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Old 08-23-2012, 02:12 PM
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I agree with some of your premise, but since the illegals home country is not providing monitary compensation for the illegals acts, as two parties with no fault insurance would, there is a bit of a difference. The only party that is held responsible here in the US is our own gov. If the illegal were to hold no insurance then there would be some sort of action taken. What we have is something far worse than no fault.
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