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Old 06-02-2010, 03:12 PM
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Default SOS Publication on Comp Immigration Reform

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The United States of America has always been a nation known for welcoming immigrants from all over the world and doing something to them that had never been done before. The United States took them from whatever nationality they had been before and forged them into one cohesive people. This was called the melting pot. It was a social cauldron that blasted away old loyalties and feuds and replaced it with something truly miraculous. We made them Americans from where ever they came from.
We jealously guarded our borders and the birthright was by invitation only. Immigrants came in the thousands, they came with skills, tools, twigs to plant into orchards and arbors, seeds with which to found fields, they came with good ideas for innovation. The immigrants came bearing gifts. Some came with only their labor to offer, a strong young back. Those who brought nothing were turned away. This was the forge to make an amalgam of humanity of such might that the world had never seen such a thing before.
Along the way, we remembered the ideal of immigration but forgot its purpose. We changed the melting pot into the salad bowl. Immigrants were no longer expected to become Americans. They were expected to retain the traditions and loyalties of their home country, and yes, perhaps even the feuds too. The amalgam became a composite. Americans started looking at each other and stopped seeing countrymen and women and started seeing foreigners who might be second or even third generation born here. We are no longer one people, the American people. We are a fractured society who can seldom even communicate with one another and all jealously guarding the fracture lines.
The circumstances have changed, but not the desire of immigrants to come here and sit at our national table. Our own laxity in enforcing the laws put in place to protect the nation and its citizens encouraged people to come here illegally disregarding our laws and disrespecting our people. These immigrants are not coming to the melting pot where they are expected to become Americans, but to the salad bowl where they are expected to remain exactly as they are. They aren’t coming to the same country immigrants came to in earlier waves. It is disingenuous to imagine that these newcomers will assimilate in time or ever. In fact, it’s insensitive to even ask.
Now we have millions of people here in violation of our laws and we are expected to feel guilty for asking for compliance. It is wrong to expect people to actually knock on the national door and politely ask for entry. It is right to allow the gates to be breached and then be required to ask for forgiveness for having those gates there in the first place. We are asked to accept comprehensive immigration reform no matter what price has to be paid by the American people, no matter what burden, no matter what wrong might be done against us for the reason that the immigrants “need” such reform. We “need” their cheap labor and industry no matter what other crimes they might have committed, all should be forgiven in the desire to flood the nation with cheap labor as if the country could collapse under the weight of umowed lawns and unwashed dishes. The issue should not be clouded. We might need cheap labor, but cheap labor doesn’t only come from people here illegally. It can come from people we have invited in. It can come from Americans. It can come from technology. These solutions are never addressed because the illegal immigrants claim an over riding need to be here no matter what the circumstances or the availability of other solutions.
Comprehensive Immigration Reform is supposed to be a holistic approach to a dysfunctional immigration system that has become overwhelmed by criminal activity. Under Comprehensive Immigration Reform the illegal immigrant would pay a token penalty and be allowed to become a citizen. Under certain circumstances, even that token would not need to be paid. In exchange the United States would be “permitted” to enforce its borders – up to a point. Comprehensive Immigration Reform to be truly “comprehensive” is designed to address hugely expanded visas in numbers that make a mockery of our soverigninty. The number of visas would actually not be based on our requirements for workers but the need of the sending country to dispossess more of its own citizens. The logical conclusion of the atrocious situation is that the sending country need make no effort to improve the lot of its own citizens, and our own technology would be stifled because we must find something for those workers to do.
When the Minister of Agriculture from China came to tour modern American facilities he remarked “There are some industries America should just not be involved in. Agriculture is one of them. China is moving towards mechanization of farms, dairies and orchards and the US is relying more and more on inefficient and expensive stoop labor. After all, if we didn’t need these agricultural workers what would they do? What argument would sending countries like Mexico make to convince us that we need their major export, human beings. Perhaps the Minister was comparing the United States of today to post revolution Russia when the Communists took power and promised jobs for everyone. As part of job creation, the Soviets took out the change boxes in the buses and gave someone the job of collecting the fares. In effect, forcing a step backwards to accommodate a work force instead of inventing new jobs for a more technologically advanced work force. Invention was and up until now has been The American Way. Now we are adapting to the needs of the immigrants and the immigrant sending countries. To do that we must reject innovative solutions.
Comprehensive Immigration Reform means the path to citizenship for millions of people who want to be here but don’t necessarily want to be Americans. They are perfectly happy being whatever they were. They just prefer to do it here instead of where they came from. Because they are perfectly happy being whatever they were instead of Americans they have a natural inclination to recreate here what they left behind there. Upon becoming citizens, they will have a natural inclination to vote in accordance with the interests of their home country rather than the interests of the United States or of the Americans who are citizens here. This widens the existing fracture lines of the American society as the fracture lines compete rather than merge. We end up with bizarre claims of Aztlan coming from Hispanics as well as the Somali refugees happily creating a new Mogadishu in Maine. Comprehensive Immigration Reform means we give them citizenship but expect nothing in return. When we get something in return, opening a business, joining the military, becoming active in public service, it is not something to be expected, it is something out of the ordinary. It is cause for celebration as an event that is truly, truly, special. The immigrants really owe the country nothing..
Our closest neighbor and by far the most prolific of sending countries is Mexico. A nation that encourages loyalty and patriotism to Mexico and discourages loyalty and patriotism to the United States. The country of Mexico itself, refers to the Mexicans living here as their nation within a nation. Mexico’s actions are transparent. They want to control immigration policy in the United States. The more Mexico gains control over our immigration policy, the more that policy can be used to export more people. The appearance is that Mexico wants to empty itself of its population as quickly as possible. Even Canada is now feeling pressure from the government of Mexico to accept Mexicans entering that country illegally.
To that political end, the Mexican government instituted the matricular consular card to “help” their citizens here illegally identify themselves and ease transition into American services. Mexico has pressured many entities to accept the matricular consular as valid identification. It’s unnecessary to mention that the only person who needs a matricular consular card is here illegally and therefore has no other identification. That’s obvious. What isn’t obvious is that the matricular consular card is a tie to the home country attractive to US legal residents from Mexico as an exhibition of that loyalty. A loyalty expected to be expressed in the vote as soon as Comprehensive Immigration Reform is enacted.
Mexico has also “helped” its citizens by encouraging dual citizenship and extending dual citizenship to generations born in the United States even if the individual has never been to Mexico. If a parent has Mexican citizenship, the child has also. Many countries recognize dual citizenship. Mexico is the only country that empowers consulates to issue birth certificates for children born in the United States. The birth certificate states that the birth took place in “Mexico City”. Again, it is to encourage loyalty in ethnic Mexicans to be expressed in voting in our elections for the benefit of the country of Mexico. With Mexican birth certificates the children of US born citizens will also be citizens of Mexico, so will their children and their children. Mexico is looking towards a future in which a majority in the United States will be citizens of Mexico which would effectively end our existence as a separate country. Ironically, politicians in the United States pander to the Latinos by promising to accept even MORE meddling in our internal affairs by Mexico in exchange for their vote today. American politicians are the most effective weapons that Mexico has. The body politic is a cadre selling the birthrights of legitimate citizens for a transitory power today.
If the immigrants want Comprehensive Immigration Reform because of what’s in it for them, what’s in it for the Americans who are footing the bill for the care and feeding of millions of people who add little to satisfying the nation’s needs but are a growing burden. Cheap labor is proving itself to be not so cheap after all. Schools are struggling with the demands of cultural and linguistic accommodation by foreigners. Hospitals are staggering and failing. Infrastructure is crumbling; Resources are stretched to the limits. Everything from preschools to prisons are overcrowded.
In the late l960s and throughout the 1970s, the people of the United States made a collective decision. That decision was to stabilize our population. We limited family size to protect the environment, keep air and water clean and plentiful, maintain wetlands, keep pristine forests and allow wildlife to thrive. We prided ourselves on the success of efforts that kept picturesque that picturesque countryside and enjoyed rural areas. Population stabilization was a goal within reach to be enjoyed by the children we chose to have. Massive immigration both legal and illegal destroyed that dream and made a mockery of our simple-minded efforts to control our own destiny as a nation. The parts of national forests that aren’t being guarded marijuana farms with gunmen at the perimeters are trashy. Wildlife along the border is being decimated by the garbage left behind by illegal entrants. Those who can afford it are deserting middle sized cities as well as megalopolises, once rural towns are sprouting guarded gated communities who openly advertise safety as one of their selling points.
Aside from wondering how we got from where we were to here, Americans didn’t get much. We got here by assuming a mantle of guilt that we wanted a wonderful place to life and were willing to work for it and sacrifice for it. Now that we’re here, now that we allowed our country to become flophouse to the world, what do we do about it? Comprehensive Immigration Reform is not the answer.

copyright 2010 Save Our State

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Published where? Assuming it hasn't been published yet, I'll be happy to clean up the structural and grammatical problems before it is.
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Originally Posted by View Post
Published where? Assuming it hasn't been published yet, I'll be happy to clean up the structural and grammatical problems before it is.
OK, we're always willing to accept donations.
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