View Full Version : Good news: Prenatal Care for Illegal Immigrants Apparently Over

03-25-2010, 07:18 PM
Prenatal Care for Illegal Immigrants Apparently Over
Less than 48 hours after a top state lawmaker told Nebraska Watchdog he was confident Governor Dave Heineman (NE-R) would back a controversial move to provide pre-natal care to the unborn children of illegal immigrants, the Governor has issued a statement clearly indicating he won’t.
On Monday, Omaha State Senator Brad Ashford, the Chairman of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee said, “I’m not convinced the Governor won’t support pre-natal care.”
But according to published reports, following a Wednesday evening meeting with the Governor, Ashford had all but given up.
Ashford and other lawmakers armed with $3 million dollars in private money, the state match for federal funds, had planned to attach the contentious measure to a pro-life bill heading to the floor of the Legislature on Thursday.
But following Wednesday’s meeting Ashford is ready to drop the issue altogether. The Governor issued a statement repeating his support for prenatal care for legal residents but Heineman went on to say, ”I do not support providing state-funded benefits for illegal individuals.”
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Reported by Joe Jordan, joe@nebraskawatchdog.org.

03-25-2010, 09:39 PM
As long as it is acceptable that anyone besides two US citizens can give birthright citizenship to their offspring, then no non-citizens should be provided with prenatal care.

Commander Bunny
03-25-2010, 10:53 PM
Now only if We can swap-out the California signs with "Welcome to Nebraska" signs at the Border things might be a little better for Our State...

03-26-2010, 01:47 PM
2 aim to restore prenatal funds
LINCOLN -- After being thwarted in using private dollars to help restore prenatal services for unborn children of illegal immigrants, two state lawmakers are now focusing on restoring that care for legal residents who lost their coverage in Nebraska.
State Sens. Brad Ashford and Jeremy Nordquist, both of Omaha, said they're hoping to find a way to restore services to at least the legal residents who lost coverage.
Doing that, Ashford said, might free up more private money to care for illegal residents, whose children automatically become U.S. citizens -- and qualify for government-funded health care -- at birth.
On March 1, 1,619 women in Nebraska lost government-funded prenatal services due to a federal directive. Advocates maintain that the state will spend more money on premature births, emergency deliveries and long-term costs for special education due to the lack of the pre-birth, preventative care.
While 867 of the 1,619 women were here illegally, another 752 were legal residents who lost coverage for a variety of reasons. Those included failing to provide necessary information to be eligible and being sanctioned for not complying with requirements of other welfare programs.

During an executive session of the Legislature's Judiciary Committee over the noon hour, senators discussed the plight of legal residents who lost prenatal coverage, and the increased risks to babies born without such care.

Dr. Kristine McVea, medical director for OneWorld Health Center in South Omaha, said that one study indicated that 40 percent of babies born by mothers that had no prenatal care die within their first year.
"We know the risks are there. It's like playing Russian roulette," McVea said. "It's very, very clear that early and adequate prenatal care saves babies' lives."

The discussion focused on about 83 women who are citizens but lost their coverage because they declined to sign documents related to child support enforcement. Some of those women, senators said, feared they would become victims of domestic violence if they identified sought support from the fathers of their babies.

On Wednesday night, Gov. Dave Heineman rejected a proposal by Ashford, Nordquist and others to use $3 million in private donations to leverage another $7 million in federal funds to restore coverage for all the low-income women who lost coverage.

Heineman repeated his stance that while he supports such coverage for legal residents, he opposes any taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants.

Nordquist said he plans to "hold him to his word" on coverage for legal residents.

Ashford said late Thursday afternoon that he had initially misunderstood what one of the donors told him about the use of the private money.

The senator said that private money is being targeted only toward helping the unborn children of women here illegally.

Ole Glory
03-26-2010, 02:18 PM
"Doing that, Ashford said, might free up more private money to care for illegal residents, whose children automatically become U.S. citizens -- and qualify for government-funded health care -- at birth."

If we don't give these illegal alien criminal bitches pre-natal care, we will certainly have to pay through the nose when the deformed, retarded off spring are born and automatically become U.S. citizens.

It will give more jobs to illegals, someone has to drive the short bus.

ICE should be in the deliverly room and deport the whole family.