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  1. Sac Sheriff Issues More Concealed Weapons Permits
  2. CHP RAID Program Busts 60 Impaired Drivers In Sac
  3. Code enforcement office in Home Gardens fosters fear in some, gratitude in others
  4. Anti-Amnesty Tea Party Movement Begins to Spread Across Country
  5. Good News from Costa Mesa ACLU LOSES
  6. New law requires Utah drivers to prove legal status
  7. Sheriff Joe
  8. Riverside, CA
  9. AZ, New Trespassing Laws
  10. Oakland Fights Back!
  11. Gilchrist's MMP Victorious
  12. Report and Pics Tea Party In Laguna Hills (Naui and Cliff were overwhelmed)
  13. Sonoma County To Check Immigration Status
  14. Redlands, CA
  15. Immigration demonstrators pelted with marbles (San Juan Capistrano)
  16. Gadget dan wins east county citizen of the year
  17. Pregnant Women Who Are Illegal Immigrants No Longer Eligible for Medicaid
  18. "Taking Care of Business' Initiative Launched in Del Rio"
  19. Unregulated Fruit Vendors Snubbed
  20. My friend wants to know why this cop parks in a handicap spot!
  21. Good news: Prenatal Care for Illegal Immigrants Apparently Over
  22. The Wild Wild East - Campo Minuteman Britt Craig on the cover of San Diego Weekly
  23. Good news: Nativo Lopez Arrested, Again...
  24. Jamiel's Law
  25. Utah counties get boost to fight illegal immigration
  26. Protest Of Sheriff Joe and Bill Hunt In OC (PICS)
  27. Another city in California remains in the “a rule of law” for immigration category
  28. Lodi Tea Party-www.lodicitizensinaction.com
  29. Good news:Nebraska town latest in US to fight illegal immigrants
  30. Sac Supports AZ Today
  31. Amazing, People come together to help fund Arizona's fight
  32. Victory In Sacramento
  33. Canton Man Wins Flagpole Lawsuit
  34. Pa. mayor who pushed immigrant law heads to DC
  35. Latino Leaders Meet to Oppose DREAM Act
  36. Furniture Company Owner Gets Time For Hiring Illegals
  37. Federal judge rules against ACLU, denies illegal aliens bail
  38. Are the Days of Chain Restaurants Hiring Illegal Immigrants Over?
  39. Alabama Close to Enacting Arizona-Style Illegal Immigration Crackdown
  40. Good News! Sac County Adopts English Requirement For Pawned Items
  41. New Alabama immigration law has some immigrants already preparing to move
  42. Illegals Whine As San Jose Partners With Feds On Immigration Checks
  43. Russians And Locals Busted In Sham Marriage Visa Scam
  44. African-Americans speak out against illegal immigr.
  45. Panel rejects suit over immigrants' adult children
  46. ICE audit forces EDCO to fire 50 undocumented workers
  47. Tim Donnelly Files Referendum Against DREAM
  48. Made in America....Homebuilder Fights Back
  49. Number of illegal immigrants in AZ dropped
  50. Unlicensed To Kill
  51. Santa Clara County DA Asks Supes To Jettison Sanctuary Policy
  52. Brave Souls Practice Open-Carry Of Shotguns In Sacramento
  53. LA Judge Holds Firm On Rejection Of Beck's Impound Policy
  54. Calif. concealed weapon law tossed by fed appeals court
  55. Riverside County Fights Back at Swap Meet; Seizes Illegal Vendor Goods
  56. Cock Fighting Breeder Arrested In Palmdale