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Old 03-01-2014, 03:09 PM
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Default Emergency Drought Bill Keeps Migrants From Migrating

The governor signed the emergency drought Bills SB104 and SB 105. These bills sailed through both houses simply because they were old bills that already went through all the committees, but were gutted, amended, and then sent to the floors where, surprise, surprise...they passed with support from both partisan sides. That's because they contained enough pork to keep most, but not all, naysayer's appeased. I'm opposed to gut and amend bills of any kind. It robs the peons (that's us) of any review period and any input. Not that the only input the legislatures wants from us is our tax money anyway, but the whole process is supposed to be public, published in advance, and review-able by the governed masses before it becomes law. This one had one meeting, not advertised in advance.
But the purpose of this thread is to let you see what was missed in the finer print, and buried beneath an avalanche of legis-speak.

It's an appropriation to help migrant workers become not migrants. Migrants are supposed to be just that. Migrating to work opportunities. California's migrant population is actually of a permanent nature at this point, so I fail to see the reference other than to keep trying to pull the wool over the public's eyes. The drought knocks out opportunities in farm related work, so they should migrate somewhere else, right? But both democrats and farm belt republicans voted to pay to help keep the migrants anchored here. One can't help but wonder why this is, because it seems there's a never ending supply of new ones at their disposal anytime they like. In any case, your tax dollars are now going to help the migrants settle in here and not work.

You'll notice that it involves non-profits...unnamed ones...but it's sure to be dominated by well known amnesty supporting ones we all know to well. there's also little restrictions or administrative rules regarding the distribution of these millions, but that's all the better for those corruptocrats on the distribution end.

This bill, to the extent no other funding sources are available, would make available $10,000,000 in the fund to the department for the purpose of providing housing rental-related subsidies to persons rendered homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, due to unemployment, underemployment, or other economic hardship resulting from the state of emergency proclaimed by the Governor based on drought conditions. This bill would authorize the department to administer the housing rental-related subsidies or contract with qualified local government agencies or nonprofit organizations to administer the program.
(10) Existing law authorizes the Department of Housing and Community Development to contract with local public and private nonprofit agencies to provide housing services, including shelter, education, sanitation, and day care services, for migrant agricultural workers, through the development, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, or operation of a migrant farm labor center.
This bill would require the department to make the Office of Migrant Services centers available for rent by persons or families experiencing economic hardships as a result of the drought.
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