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Old 04-12-2011, 07:20 AM
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Default Why Obama Doesn't Release His Birth Certificate

I'm not thoroughly engaged in the birth certificate debate, or its' activism for that matter. It's not that I don't believe there might be some mischief or skullduggery at play, because there obviously is. Where the mischief is though, might be a little less important than why it is. Obama could have put this issue to bed a long time ago, and with relative ease, but I thought he might be keeping it around as a convenient distraction to give some of the more thorough researchers in the anti-obama camp something to keep them busy and thus occupied so as not to have time and money to throw at his other nefarious plots. But I have abandoned that theory in favor of one that makes more sense in a wider spectrum.
Obama is not going to produce a birth certificate, or address his eligibility simply because the people who have greased his way to the executive office do not want anything that resembles US sovereignty to be an issue, let alone one that should be confirmed. Anything! To defend his eligibility, is to acknowledge a sovereign country, and this is not an acceptable topic for a group of world re-aligner's whose main goal is to break down trade barriers, nativism, and national identities that restrict global governance. Just as the US border goes all but defended, so will any requirements related to to it. When I say all but defended, I of course pay homage to the veiled presence of the neutered border patrol stationed there. They are there for show, just as Obama's current eligibility documents are. They hint of propriety, but don't actually aim for it.
We now live in a virtual country in the minds of global ministers, not an actual one. There is just enough evidence of sovereignty left to keep the majority of US citizens from taking a hard look at what might be happening, and, preventing those of us already quite suspicious from going completely beserk.
My questions about Obama's credentials bother me, but they are overshadowed by the reason they are not addressed.

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Old 04-12-2011, 08:00 AM
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Insightful and dead on. Like you, I thought the "birther" controversy was a pointless distraction. Then I studied the issue more closely. I have found no substantive evidence that he was born in Africa, but a great deal of evidence that most of his life until the late 1980's when he was accepted at Harvard Law School is a fiction created for him by ghostwriters and handlers.

His two books, Dreams From My Father (1995) and Audacity of Hope (2006) contradict each other in material details of his personal, family and professional history. In Dreams, he says his family arrived in Hawaii in 1959, but Audacity says 1960. Dreams says his parents were married in 1960, but divorce papers filed in 1964 say it was 1961. Dreams says his "father" left Hawaii in 1963, but other sources say 1962 and it's generally agreed that Obama Sr. entered Harvard in the fall of 1962. Audacity says he met his wife in 1988 when she was a practicing lawyer when he had a summer job after his first year at Harvard Law. The Illinois State Supreme Court, however, says Michelle was not admitted to practice until 1989 and Obama's official biography is that he finished his first year of law school in the spring of 1989.

In 2009 at an international Latin American conference, Obama was scolded by Daniel Orteaga for the Bay of Pigs invasion, among other things. Instead of defending America's victory in a struggle for national survival that was the Cold War, Obama got up and whined that it was unfair to blame him for an event occurred when he was only 3 months old. The Bay of Pigs invasion occurred in April 1961. For Obama to have been three months old as of the Bay of Pigs, his date of birth would have been January 1961. The problem is that his so called Certificate of Live Birth show his birth date as August 4, 1961, which means he was not born until 4 months after the Bay of Pigs. His story if full of holes like that.

The official story is that Obama's grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, enlisted in the US Army in January 1942, was deployed to Europe in 1943, and was discharged on August 30, 1945. Pictures of Dunham in uniform, however, including the picture on the cover of Dreams From My Father, show him wearing a U.S. Marine Corps hat with an Army badge pinned on.

There are many other problems with the so called family photos of Obama prior to Harvard Law School. Many are forgeries and composites. Some depict a youthful Obama who is clearly a different person entirely. One group photo from high school shows a black person's head "photoshopped" on to a white person's can see the left arm and it's white! There are at least three separate and distinct different persons identified as Obama in photos used to document his childhood and adolescent years.

Obama was purportedly born on August 4, 1961 at Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu, HI.

After the controversy surrounding his birth arose during the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama’s campaign in Chicago produced a purported, certified copy of Obama’s COLB, which was produced for examination to individuals from

According to this COLB, Obama was born on August 4, 1961, was “filed” with the Hawaii Dept. of Health on August 8, 1961, and was assigned certificate number 151 1961 010641. Color photos of this COLB are posted on the web site.

Well, afterwards, the mother of two twin sisters named Susan and Gretchen Nordyke came forward, and produced their birth certificates showing that they were both born, within minutes of each other, on August 5, 1961 at the same hospital where Obama was purportedly born the previous day. The certification numbers of the Nordyke birth certificates are 151 61 10637 and 161 61 10638. Their birth certificates are both posted on line, as follows:

The interesting thing is that the Nordyke’s certificates were filed with the Dept. of Health, on August 11, 1961, three days after Obama’s. Strangely, the Obama certificate, filed first, has A HIGHER CERTIFICATION NUMBER (i.e. 10641) , than the Nordyke sisters’ (10637 and 10638)whose were filed three days later. The fact that Obama’s certificate number is out of sequence with other documents filed with the Hawaiian Dept. of Health means it is a forgery. Official records are filed in chronological order. The numbers go forward, not backward.

The newspaper birth announcements for the Nordyke sisters have been located and posted on line.

This man is a complete fraud and an impostor. The only things we really know for sure about him is that he identified himself as the author of an autobiography (Dreams From My Father) that expresses virulent hatred of white people, of America and of Western Civilization. Whether he was born in Kenya or not is secondary to the issue of the fraud that has been perpetrated on this country by an impostor, a major political party and the entire mainstream media.

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Old 04-12-2011, 08:27 AM
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To address the issue of his eligibility is to affirm that there is a national interest to decide. The globalist mentors feel that this has already been decided. I don't want to get in to all the controversy about the Bilderbergers and such, but treaties are negotiated far in advance of their implementations. Likewise, they are practiced in advance of their actual signing and public release. Without broaching the conspiracy theory topic, I think they are more like the notorious "napkin deal" reached in a bar during legislative break at the state capitol. But to implement some far reaching agreements, sometimes they are tested in silent practice ahead of their public display.
The borders only exist in tribute at this point

Consulting congress is no longer considered a requirement to enter into pre-planned combat with US war assets. All that's necessary is to consult with the UN, a global governance org.

Show me where there the sovereignty of America does still exist in practice. Our dollar is subject to global mangement, our military has become an arm of global management, and we have various elected officials who hold official positions in foreign countries...(because their sovereignty doesn't exist anymore than does ours).
No...Obama cannot release his birth certificate because the napkin deal prohibits confirming that there is even a sovereignty claim in existence
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Old 04-12-2011, 01:25 PM
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Below I have attached threads to some of the subject photos and my comments about them.

Here are links and analysis of Obama photo history.

This widely circulated photo but undated, purportedly taken in 1945 and featuring Stanley, Madelyn and Ann Dunham, was released from the Obama family. It is an obvious composite, made up of three, distinctly different photos that were “cut and pasted” together, a blatant forgery cobbled up to legitimize the Dunham family.

First notice that both Madelyn and Stanley Dunham are so sharply in focus that you can see the whites of their eyes and their individual teeth. Now look at “Ann.” She is so poorly focused that her eyes and mouth are just black holes. No details are visible. Her “face” more closely resembles a grotesque Halloween mask than a human being.

Next, notice that Stanley has a shadow line down the front of his face, indicating a light source from his left. Neither Madelyn nor little “Ann” have any shadow line at all. It is impossible for three people sitting essentially in each other’s laps to show such disparities in focus and lighting. Also, “Ann’s” head appears to be too large for her little body..

There is another issue regarding the family time line. The “Ann Dunham” purportedly depicted here is between two and three years of age. Some internet captions state that she is three years of age in this photo. This raises a number of other questions about the authenticity of this photo, separate and apart from the obvious visual anomalies set froth above. According to official history, Stanley Dunham enlisted in the US Army on January 18, 1942. A birth certificate of Ann Dunham from the State of Kansas indicates that that Ann Dunham was born on November 29, 1942. Stanley’s on line history is that he enlisted in the US Army in January 1942, (Obama’s book, Audacity of Hope falsely says Stanley enlisted the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed.), was deployed to Europe with the 1830th Ordance Supply and Maintenance Company, Aviation to support the U.S. Army 9th Air Force in 1943, was reassigned to Patton’s fabled Third Army after the D-Day invasion, and was discharged from the US Army on August 30, 1945. There is no evidence that Stanley was ever furloughed from Europe back to the USA during the war. He saw no combat and was never wounded.

If Ann Dunham was three years old when this picture was taken, it raises some very serious questions about the family time line. Ann was born on November 29, 1942 and was merely an infant at the time Stanley was deployed to Europe in 1943. Clearly Ann is not an infant in this photo.

Stanley did not return to the USA until after the war and prior to his discharge on August 30, 1945. At this time, Ann was two years and nine months old.

However, Ann Dunham did not turn three years old until November 29, 1945. This was three months after Stanley was discharged from the Army. Did he keep his uniform just to have himself photographed with it in a family portrait? Unfortunately, all of the Dunhams are deceased and there is no record of the identify of the photographer who purportedly took this photo, or any of the individual photos from which it was “cut and pasted.”

This undated picture purports to depict Stanley and Madelyn Dunham in 1942, shortly after Stanley enlisted in the U.S. Army. The problem is, the hat is a U.S. Marine Corps. hat, not a U.S. Army Hat. Clearly this photo is a fraud.

Also, notice that the Dunhams are standing up right at a 90 degree angle relative to the base of the photograph, as would ordinarily be expected. Notice, however that the house in the background is not parallel to the ground, but rather that it tilts at approximately a 9 degree angle. If a house is not level, but rather tilts at a nine (9) degree angle, how does one keep the furniture from sliding downward? How does one keep the water glasses from tipping over on the dinner table? Does one have to bolt down your table lamps to prevent them from falling over? This is another example of a clumsily crafted fraud.

This shows the cover of the 2004 paperback edition of Dreams From My Father. The photo on the right purports to depict Stanley Dunham in his WW2 military uniform while holding little "Anne" on his lap. The problem is that the hat, tilted at a jaunty angle, is a US Marine Corps hat, not a U.S. Army hat. It does have a U.S. Army badge attached to it. The problems are that (1) the badge is off center; and (2) the angle of the tilt of the badge does not match the angle of the tilt of the hat to which it is attached. This would seem to suggest that the Army badge was pasted on as an afterthought and the forger did not realize that the angles of the tilt of the badge and the hat did not match.

The foregoing link shows a WW2 era U.S. Army enlisted man's visor hat, which Stanley would have been wearing in an authentic photograph.

This is a picture taken in the early 1970s purportedly showing and 11 or 12 year old "Obama" with his grandfather, mother and half sister, seemingly at the airport. Notice that his nose is much smaller and narrower relative to the rest of his face in this picture as compared with other "Obamas" and notice how dark is his skin color compared with other “Obamas.” Do Blacks get lighter with age between their teenage years and their 20’s and 30’s? I don't know. Do their noses get bigger with age? In the case of "Obama" it might seem so.

Check out this group photo of the teenage African –American “Obama”...HE HAS A WHITE LEFT ARM! They pasted a black person’s head on a white person’s body! It is a group photo, purportedly from the high school yearbook, which includes "Obama" at prep school when he was a teenager. Notice that all of the other people have their chins raised and are looking directly at the camera. "Obama", however, is looking off to the left and not at the camera. "Obama" is not looking at the camera man because "Obama" was not present with the group when this picture was taken. The head of this "Obama" was "cut and pasted" on to a white person's body from another photo. Notice the tell tail shadow under his chin around the base of his neck. None of the other persons in this group shot have that kind of shadow. This shadow indicates his head was "cut and pasted" from another photo.

Notice the deep, well defined creases between his nostrils and his cheeks.

Most tellingly, notice that the left arm of "Obama" is a white person's arm. The skin color of the exposed left arm of "Obama" does not match the skin color of the face. Also notice that the "Obama" depicted in this group picture has a broad African nose.

Last but not least. the head is noticeably too big for the body.

This group photo, purportedly from Obama’s high school 1977 year book, shows the Punahou prep school basket ball team, with "Obama" in the center. This was purportedly taken at the same high school as the foregoing group photo of students sitting on the stairs. First, notice that the basketball "Obama" is much larger than all the other team members. He looks like an adult who is posing with much younger, smaller persons. This is because the Obama image was taken from another photo.

Second, compare this group shot with the group shot of "Obama" sitting on the steps in the foregoing picture. Notice that in the group shot on the steps, "Obama" is the same size as the other people in the picture, unlike in the basketball team picture where he is visibly larger than the other people depicted.

Third, notice the tell tale shadow at the base of his neck. This is similar to the tell tale shadow around the base of the neck of the "Obama" sitting on the steps in the first group picture. Also notice that the face of the basket player "Obama" is brightly illuminated from the forehead to the bottom of his nose, but that the area of his face below his nose and cheeks has a dark shadow. Compare this with the other people in the photo. None of these other people has such a shadow on their faces. For "Obama" to have these shadows that are not present on any of the other people on all four sides of him is impossible. The other photograph from which the basketball "Obama" was cut and pasted had a different light source than the group team photograph into which "Obama" was inserted.

Fourth, notice that the nose of the "Obama" in the basketball team picture is visibly narrower nose than the nose of the "Obama" in the first group picture of him sitting on the stairs.

Fifth, notice that the mouths of the two Obamas are clearly different. Moreover, the "Obama" basketball player has a face that is longer and thinner than the face of "Obama" in the first group photograph. Also, notice that the clearly defined creases between the nostrils and the cheeks that appear in the “Obama” group photo on the steps are not present on the face of the basketball team “Obama.”

Finally, notice that the skin color of the face and arms of the basket ball "Obama" are the same, unlike in the first group photo where the exposed left arm of that "Obama" is a white person's arm and "Obama's" face is dark black, like a dark Afro-American.

This third high school picture purports to be Obama's high school Senior yearbook photo and shows Obama in the early 1970s. Obama does have the trademark big, wide nose, unlike the basketball team photo of the small nosed “Obama.” Another difference is that the well defined creases between Obama’s wide nostrils and cheeks that appear in the “on the steps group photo” do not appear in this mug shot, notwithstanding the broad, trademark Obama smile.

Another interesting anomaly is the assymetrical hair line shown in the yearbook mug shot. The right hair line comes over the edge of this right eye. In all other photos, Obama has a symetrical hair line. Whether this is a photo shopped image or is just some kind of shadow is not clear.

The above purports to be Obama at Harvard Law School, which he entered in the fall of 1988. It has the trademark Obama big, wide nose, the broad smile and the well defined creases between the nostrils and the cheeks, which creases are absent from most of his earlier photos except for the high school photo showing on the steps with a group of students. This Harvard Obama is visibly the same person as President Obama, although obviously younger. Notice how big is his nose relative to the rest of his face. I reviewed as many photos of Obama as I could find and all of the younger "Obama" representations appear to be different people and not the Obama shown in this Harvard Law photograph. The noses of the younger "Obamas" are almost all smaller relative to their faces than the "Harvard Obama."

Obama’s Harvard period appears to be a sort of watershed” of Obama pictures. All of the photos since the Harvard Law photo appear to be the authentic Obama. I have spent countless hours on the web looking at as many photos of "Obama" as I can find and it appears that the true Obama that we now know kind of sprang into existence in the 1988 Harvard photos. The other, earlier pictures of a younger "Obama" do not even look like the same person.

This family group picture purports to depict a young Obama in 1982 or 1983, when his grand parents, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, visited him in New York City, while Obama was purportedly attending Columbia University. It does appear to be the real "Obama" with his trademark nose that is huge relative to the rest of his face and the well defined crease lines between his nostrils and cheecks, but there are a number of problems with this picture which suggest it to be a composite made of two different photos.

First look at his left hand and you will see his very distinctive wedding ring. Obama did not meet Michelle until 1989 and did not marry her until October 3, 1992. Was he wearing his wedding ring 9 years before getting married, or did his handlers screw up when they cut and pasted his image into this dated picture? I think the answer is obvious.

The next thing to notice is that the wall under the bench is different from the wall to the left of the bench. In this doctored photo, there are two walls when in reality only one exists.

Next, notice that the head of Stanley Dunham and the head of Madelyn Dunham, sitting on either side of Obama, are over exposed, but that Obama, sitting between them, is not over exposed. This is a classic tell tail sign of a composite photograph, but there are other flaws with this picture.

Notice what purports to be Stanley's left hand is resting on Obama's far shoulder. Compare this with the fact that Stanley's upper left arm is in a downward position, perpendicular to the ground and parallel to Stanley's upper torso. With Stanley's upper arm in a downward position parallel to his upper torso, it would have been impossible for Stanely's left hand to reach the full distance over to Obama's far shoulder... unless Stanley's left forearm was from 12-14 inches longer than his right forearm. For Stanley to have reached over to place his left hand on Obama's far shoulder, Stanley's upper left arm would have to be raised up from the side of his torso. The position of Stanely's left arm, firmly against his upper torso, shows that he left hand could not have reached to Obama's far shoulder and the "hand" has been cut and pasted in to create the illusion that Stanely had his arm around his "grandson."

This picture is an obvious composite, created out of at least two other photographs.

Here is another phony Obama photo, this time depicting him in Kenya, purportedly with Kenyan relatives. Obama and two of his relatives are sitting out in an open area, a few feet away from a nearby hut, with a roof that overhangs slightly. It is a clear, sunny day and you can see that the sun is overhead as indicated by the 12:00 shadow on the side of the hut, the shadow being cast by the overhang of the roof.

Next, look at Obama, sitting, as he is, out in the open under the sun. HE DOES NOT PRODUCE ANY SHADOWS. This is impossible. Go outside on a sunny day and you will notice that all objects produce shadows. Cars, lamposts, telephone poles and PEOPLE. All produce shadows. This is a composite photo into which Obama has been inserted to authenticate his "relationship" with the Kenyan family..

Also notice the weird, unnatural way that his head is positioned. His upper torso is leaning to the left, but his head is straight up and down. Is his neck broken?

Finally, notice that Obama's shins are much darker than than his other exposed body parts. His shins are the same dark color as his Kenyan relatives. He does not appear to be wearing socks. Did they paste Obama's upper torso onto some one else's lower torso? Who knows.

Note the below photo which was taken from a website about Obama's background in Kenya. It shows Kenyan children running out in the open with the sun overhead. ALL OF THEM ARE PRODUCING SHADOWS.<br /> <br /> http://cache.da...ZN6fC/610x.jpg
These photographs raise serious questions about the veracity of Obama and the Dunham family as well.

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Old 04-12-2011, 02:36 PM
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This video discusses exactly what AG was saying. Why is a foreign government involved in our courts and giving an opinion? This action shows that Obama and many in our political process and courts are more concerned with global opinions in governing our country.

Latest News
Mexico Allowed to Weigh In on Arizona Legislation?
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Old 04-12-2011, 09:59 PM
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I don't believe that having Obama produce his papers will have any negative repercussions for the citizens of the USA.

I am of the opinion that we have lost everything already and do not seem to understand our very obvious situation.

As mentioned by AG in this thread the USA is doing a lot of what the United nations and other foreign entities want it to do.

We have been had my fellow Americans. There is no "freedom", there are no courts that have "justice" as its goal and you have no real "representatives". It is all window dressing.

Watch gas prices go beyond four dollars and possibly above five.

There are reasons for this entire scenario that plays itself out before the eyes
of people too bright to buy into the Government-media lies so that makes them dangerous.

Be careful what you say. Be careful who you speak with. Be mindful of what you write on the internet or elsewhere.

Really its just around the corner.

Our nation and its people are being re-structured in order to suit the tastes of the powerful few that control the less wealthy average person.

The bloodsuckers are preying on us and will continue to do so until they have drained every man woman and child of their last drop of blood.

Were too smart. Too well educated. It is advantageous to replace our entire population if need be with much more easily controlled humans who just want to survive. They may make less trouble for ten years.

Then again they may be the ones to rise up and take it all away from the owners of this country....that isn't me or you. But we will be the big losers!
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Old 04-13-2011, 05:02 AM
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Default Rehashed.

I have pretty well expounded on my beliefs about eligibility several times and there really hasn't been anything new these past several weeks that I can add which will be a breakthrough or some jolting revelation.

However, Bill O'Reilly ran a segment on Fox news trying to dispel the baseless claims and misinformation and even he got some wrong.

But to briefly recap my opinions:

* OBama secrecy is so unorthodox and revealing that there is no question at all. He is definitely hiding some very damaging information. Essentially he is pleading the 5Th: Anything I say may be used against me. He doesn't want to self incriminate.

* OBama probably was born in Hawaii but not in any hospital.

* There does not exist a hard copy of any original birth certificate.

* Barack Sr. and Ann Dunham were never married. *( He was already married back in Kenya ).

* Ann Dunham was too young and had too little residence in Hawaii to be eligible to declare her son as American. She did not meet the requirements as per law.

* Barack, Jr.'s college records do not jive. Some cannot be verified. Alleged classmates have no recollection of him at all.

* His social security number apparently is not valid.

* Nancy Pelosi knew, or suspected, his questionable eligibility when the Democratic committee certified him TWICE, using modified language which differed first time from second time.

Those are some hard facts. Now some speculation.

* He may possibly never have converted back to US Citizenship after living in Indonesia.

* He could possibly be either an Indonesian citizen by adoption or a British National by virtue of his father, and have dual citizenship which makes him ineligible.

My hunch is that whatever he is hiding goes beyond simple embarrasing revelations. It seems to be considerably more serious.

Nothing can, or will, be done to terminate him before the end of his term.

I cannot see how he can possibly be re-elected without a full disclosure of all required information which is presently cloaked in deep secrecy.

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Old 04-14-2011, 04:10 PM
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If Donald trump releases information asserting that Obama is ineligible to hold office as President of the United States and if that information is correct and verifiable then there will be a very big discussion regarding the authenticity of his Presidency.

It is conceivable that Colonel Lakin, the doctor currently in military prison will have grounds for a new trial and for release.

The Supreme Court will be seen as the joke that it already is and talk shows will eat the topic up.

I don't know if Obama will be asked to step down. Fear will spread that if Obama is arrested, as he should be, that blacks will riot on a massive scale.

Racial tensions between blacks and whites will soar.

There will be repercussions undreamed of if this guy is found to have put one over on all of us.
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Old 05-07-2011, 04:55 AM
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Default Obama exposed !

It appears as though Ohio private investigator Susan Daniels has nailed Obama.

He is using a social security number that belonged to a person born in 1890. Issued in Connecticut where he never lived.

There are words of fraud, imposer, felony, illegal alien, Barry Soetoro and more on the video. It's 29 minutes long.
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Old 05-07-2011, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by wetibbe View Post

He is using a social security number that belonged to a person born in 1890. Issued in Connecticut where he never lived.
I don't have the time to watch the video now, will do later.

Is there a name attached to the Social Security issued in Connecticut to a Man born in 1890?

How was Obama's SSN acquired, and can the above allegation be unquestionably tied to Obama?
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