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Old 07-04-2014, 09:34 AM
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Default Obama the unprecedented

How did a man such as Obama ever become elected as president?

It boggles my mind.

A talented salesman of political theory, extraordinary fundraiser, tireless golfer; a failed practitioner of application of political process and pie in the sky squanderer of the national treasure.

Someone who can wage relentless, brutal political campaigns, yet has no knowledge of successful business process, nor what it is to sweat in the sun for wages.

Potentially the most powerful man on earth who let himself get punked by Putin (can't rape the willing), The thundering threats of red lines without so much as a small fart addressing defiance of his "red lines", the president who lectures Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki about inclusiveness while he himself is the divider in chief of his own home country. The President who's international street cred is roughly equivalent to that of a pretty boy in prison.

A president who expresses outrage whenever some department of his executive branch is busted doing something both unethical and illegal (often by targeting political opposition to his policies), yet does nothing to correct the problems and declares "case closed".

The "inclusive" president who is intolerant of reasoned disagreement, a "transparent" administration which is the most obscured presidency ever; the president who denounces the house of representatives for not lap dog rubber stamping his proposals but ignores that Harry Reid nixes everything they produce; the president who is now attempting to rule by imperial edict via the executive order.

The leader who ignores important things until political distraction is necessary, such as the belated bagging of what was essentially the janitor in the terrorist attack on the Benghazi embassy. Laughably touted as the "mastermind" of the attack (to be subjected to criminal trial rather than Guantanamo Bay interrogation as an enemy combatant -thereby avoiding the "T" word), Obama is cynically using the low level terrorist for an Osama bin Ladin moment to distract from executive branch scandals and obvious executive failures - just as he jailed the producer of a film trailer to distract from evidence (the Benghazi embassy attack) that his narrative of international terrorists on the run was indisputably false.

This is a president who ruthlessly uses the law to his advantage, but ignores the part of the law which is contrary to his ideological goals.

A master of spin; a now obvious, unabashed, accomplished, manipulative, straight faced liar.

And the most distressing part of it all is that if he were to be impeached, die, or be incapacitated Joe Biden would be in charge, a man who probably catches his penis in the zipper of his pants every time he urinates, a man I wouldn't trust to take out the trash due to the potential of inexplicably injuring himself somewhere between the house and the trash can, a man who probably couldn't be trusted to safely open a postal envelope.

How did it actually happen? How do we extricate ourselves from the mess he has created?

The opinion expressed in this post is my own and not that of any other member of Save Our State, and was posted without consultation or agreement with nor consent from the administration of Save Our State.
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Old 07-05-2014, 03:35 AM
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Default It happened ---

Mysteriously by innuendo and complicity. Whether he won it fair and square, first time, I can't say but, second time, I had already sent my congratulations to Mitt Romney before the election results. I was that certain. And later incredulous.

He got re-elected by blatant, bald faced chicanery and corruption. Pelosi lied.

I'm coming to the conclusion that he is actually surrounded by handlers that manipulate him pretty much like a puppet. He's not all that bright.

There seems to be lots of buyers remorse around these days.

The frightening part is that BOTH party's are running scared of the Latino vote and many Republicans are coming to the belief that they can't get elected unless they pander to the Hispanics.

But in the long run our political system has always been - "Your turn/my turn". One party for a while then the other. By the end of his second term a President seems to be in such disfavor that the people just want to be rid of him. So BO is failing rapidly. Voted worst in 70 years. If he keeps on doing what he is doing we should normally have a Republican next time.
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