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Old 06-21-2013, 08:15 AM
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In light of correctly identifying the enemy:

The biggest enemy are American politicians, Republicans and Democrats, who have aided and abetted illegal migration for decades. Currently they are supposedly in some big fight concerning border security in the proposed immigration bill, but there is not a peep out of a single one of them about prosecuting, incarcerating, and seizing the ill gotten gains of - as provided for in current law - the next enemy:

American employers of illegal aliens.

There has been so much political theater during the last few decades in which the Border Patrol hung out at bus stops and the resultant hysteria over profiling, or the unproductive "workplace raids" where illegals are chased past the manager's office, out the back door, and through the field. If any of the American administrations over the last 80 years had been serious about illegal migration the corrective procedure would have figuratively followed the ancient Roman method: The first order of business would have been to gather up the establishment management and crucify every one of them, and then deal with whatever rabble they could could capture.

And none of that crap about employers not knowing the status of their employees: they know exactly what they hire.

Then there are the relatively small but extremely loud self appointed groups of American racists on either side of the issue who presume to speak for everyone of whatever race they happen to be themselves. Both sides are wrong in their bigotry, but political correctness exclusively favors one side. Equal acts make one an egregious race hater but the other is magically transformed into being "proud of his culture". It's a double standard, but that's the way it is with no cure except to rise above racist agitation and educate with the truth. It's a steep climb with more than a mountain of obstruction.

Many would describe the aforementioned Jose Castaneda as being Mexican, but in truth it's the American experience from childhood which enables Casteneda to do what he's doing politically, otherwise he would be working in a tire shop or having some part of constructing shabbily built tract housing.

American schools with social engineering and propagandization. I believe that Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, said "Give a boy of 7 years old, and he will be mine for life". Ethnic studies professors make a living peddling racial hatred with propaganda laden study material. The American University is how Castaneda got to where he is now and why he is doing what he does.

American Media. We fully know what biased prevaricators they are, no explanation needed here.

The Mexican Government. Migration of any type to the United States forestalls public demand for meaningful reform, it's a way to deal with overpopulation in relation to the economy, the national income from remittances is huge, and migration is a way to poke a sharp stick into the American eye.

American descendants of Latin Americans are a grab bag of thought, persuasions, identity, loyalties; they are not all the same person as both white supremacists and brown supremacists make them out to be. There is a constant drumbeat of "the white man is out to get you" directed at quite a few of them, I believe opposition to enforcing immigration law with those whose family have been here for generations or whose parents migrated legally would be the perception of white racism in the Republican party. Jobs and the economy are a more pressing concern, and employers tend to hire the newly arrived over the native born.

Then there are the illegals themselves. They are the imported symptom of the American disease. The popular conception is that they come to take American jobs, but the reality is they take jobs that employers have wilfully displaced American citizens of all ancestries in violation of American law. We judge foreign nationals according to our nominal standards, but there is a whole different thought process from Latin America. Some are extremely moral, some are the epitome of evil, with most somewhere in the middle. There is a difference in Latin America as to what is written law and what is concrete reality. A Mexican would equate hiring a lawyer with bribing the judge, whereas we see it as hiring a Representative to present a case before jury which is presided over by a judge who interprets the law in regard to the proceedings. It's why there are so many sidewalk food vendors in violation of the health codes, it's why the majority see absolutely nothing wrong with just picking up and walking across the border.

The illegal is right in front of us, so we tend to focus on him and ignore the cause. While the symptom of illegality of presence disease must be addressed, the cure for the American disease is politcianectomy in Washington DC.
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Old 06-21-2013, 03:34 PM
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That was perfectly stated. Really enjoyed reading it.
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