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Old 11-11-2012, 01:49 PM
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Default Why did Obama win? Something no one talks about

Why did Obama win? Very few of those analyzing what happened have factored in our education system. If by now you have not understood that our education system is pushing a left wing agenda, then you have not researched the issue or just not paying attention.

Most, if not all, far left have somewhat of a mothering complex. They feel society needs to be nurtured and be taken care of and what better way to do that then with the federal government’s help and our education system. Most on the right feel it is an individual’s responsibility for their own advancement. We’re not talking about unusual situation such as Storm Sandy or Katrina, but instead the day to day affairs of an individual and their family. This is why most in teaching lean so far to the left. What better way to fulfill one’s desire to mother and nurture than to become a teacher and they are so admired for it.

Our schools have become so saturated with this mothering leftist ideology that very few who do not have the same leftist/nurturing inclination go into teaching and if they do they find it hard to either get hired or remain teaching. Who wouldn’t want a nurturing individual teaching their first grader; it seems like such a great fit to most parents. The exception to this inclination is math and science, but those studies have a greater impact when the student is at least in middle or high school after their indoctrination has going on for years. By the time the student is in high school they’ve been worked on for at least eight years and they ‘know’ they are smarter than their parents, after all kids that age have always thought they were smarter and hipper than their parents. But today’s students have the confidence to ‘know’ that socially/politically/morally they are far more enlightened than their parents. Why do they have the confidence to believe this? Their teacher told them so and some even go as far as telling them not to listen to their parents. Anyone who doesn't believe this hasn't been on too many school campuses lately.

Now let’s get back to why Obama won. In the last eight or nine years which Obama has been campaigning for president there have been over 30 million students who graduated from high school; each with the ability to vote as soon as they turned 18 with most of them now between 18 and 28. Think of the amount who graduated when considering 30 years of educational indoctrination. Obama tapped into this huge pool of voters knowing they were primed for his message. Yes, it’s true that very few young actually vote, but this guy was a rock star in their eyes and he grabbed more than the usual number and far more than the Republicans did of that age group. Today, it’s far more important to go for the cool guy than the one who sees the bigger picture and understands the cost.

Obama knew who it was that had the most time to be an Obama soldier. Was it the retired or the young? The retired have lived long enough to know what a pig in a poke is and they have bills to pay. Whereas the young have few bills and they might still be living with their parents. They were his ground game and they hit the pavement hard. Seventeen percent of those that voted for Obama were under 30. We also have 3.3 million teachers in this country and you can be sure most voted for Obama, along with a union that promoted him.

Public elementary and secondary schools will spend about $571 billion for the 2012–13 school year. On average, the current expenditure per student is projected at $11,467 for this school year. That is $1,274 per month per student; the cost for ESL/ELL is 30-50% more per student. California spends over $50 billion per year on education and will sink due to this escalating cost. But no one dares to deny our schools/children; we’d feel so guilty to even consider it. Yes, we’re paying billions for this indoctrination and perpetuating the status quo. We’re producing students who can barely read, yet know they want Obama.

I don’t know if this situation can be turned around. We need schools and the left knows that leverage very well. Here in California to even stop the unions from having an influence was voted down with the failure of Prop 32. But what is amazing is the lack of discussion of what our schools are doing to this country. Politicians won’t touch the issue and yet it is costing billions for a school system where student graduate and are functionally illiterate, yet they can vote. By the next election there will be 13.6 million more voters graduating high school ages 18-21 and you can bet most of those that do vote in 2016 will vote Democrat because their teacher told them that was the cool thing to do.

You can look up the figure given here at this site:

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