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Default Day Labor Network Spreading Propaganda

Blending at-times bawdy humor with a serious message about employer abuses, the Los Angeles-based Day Laborer Theater Without Borders has helped teach illegal immigrants with little education or knowledge of the law about their rights in this country.

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This article is a rehash of an article about two years ago. Guess things are slow for the Bee and their La Raza propaganda.

Here are the nonprofits that pay/support this:

NDLON Member Organizations

1. American Friends Service Committee (Newark, NJ) WEBSITE
2. Casa Freehold (Freehold, NJ)
3. CASA Latina (Seattle, WA) WEBSITE
4. CASA of Maryland (Silver Spring, MD) WEBSITE
5. Central American Resource Center (Los Angeles, CA) WEBSITE
6. Central City Lutheran Mission (San Bernardino, CA) WEBSITE
7. Centro Cultural of Washington County (Cornelius, OR) WEBSITE
8. Centro Laboral de Graton (Graton, CA) WEBSITE
9. Centro Legal de La Raza (Oakland, CA) WEBSITE
10. Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of L.A. - CHIRLA (Los Angeles, CA) WEBSITE
11. Congreso de Jornaleros de Nueva Orleans (New Orleans, LA) WEBSITE
12. Centro Humanitario Para Los Trabajadores (Denver, CO) WEBSITE
13. CRECEN/America Para Todos (Houston, TX) WEBSITE
14. El Centro de Hospitalidad (Staten Island, NY) WEBSITE
15. The Day Worker Center at Mountain View (Mountain View, CA) WEBSITE
16. Freeport Community Worklink Center (Freeport, NY)
17. Gulfton Area Neighborhood Organization – CARECEN (Houston, TX)
18. Hayward Day Labor Center (Hayward, CA) WEBSITE
19. Hispanic Resource Center (Mamaroneck, NY) WEBSITE
20. The Hispanic Westchester Coalition (White Plains, NY) WEBSITE
21. Iglesia San Pedro (Fallbrooks, CA)
22. Instituto de Educacion Popular del Sur de California - IDEPSCA (Los Angeles, CA) WEBSITE
23. La Raza Centro Legal (San Francisco, CA) WEBSITE
24. Legal Aid Justice Center-Immigrant Advocacy Program (Falls Church, VA) WEBSITE
25. Malibu Community Labor Exchange (Malibu, CA) WEBSITE
26. Neighbors’ Link (Mount Kisco, NY) WEBSITE
27. New Day Labor Center of Norwalk (Norkwalk, CT)
28. New Labor (New Brunswick, NJ) WEBSITE
29. Pomona Economic Opportunity Center - PEOC (Pomona, CA) WEBSITE
30. San Diego Day Laborer Association (San Diego, CA) WEBSITE
31. El Sol--Jupiter's Neighborhood Resource Center (Jupiter, FL) WEBSITE
32. Southside Day Laborer Center (Tucson, AZ) WEBSITE
33. Stamford Partnership (Stamford, CT) WEBSITE
34. Tenants and Workers United (Falls Church,VA) WEBSITE
35. Tonatierra (Phoenix, AZ) WEBSITE
36. Union Latina de Chicago (Chicago, IL) WEBSITE
37. United Community of Westchester (NY) WEBSITE
38. Voces de la Frontera Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI) WEBSITE
39. VOZ (Portland, OR) WEBSITE
40. WeCount! (Miami, FL) WEBSITE
41. Westchester Hispanic Coalition (White Plains, NY) WEBSITE
42. Wind of the Spirit/Viento del Espiritu (Morristown, NJ) WEBSITE
43. Workers Defense Project (Austin, TX) WEBSITE
44. Workplace Project (Long Island, NY) WEBSITE

Yes, your tax dollars are used to promote this through grants given by our Federal Government. These nonprofits are in your face, supporting the illegal labor market across the country. Yet, they are hardly mentioned by any politicians.

Here is one where the ultra wealthy get their slave labor, all at a nonprofit 501c3 status and funded by federal grants.
THE MISSION - The Malibu Community Labor Exchange believes that no community, city or country can ignore the existence of poverty. Moved by the reality of poverty even in the midst of affluence, the MCLE has established a day labor hiring site to provide a humane and organized center where the poorest workers in the community have an opportunity to acquire day work that could lead to regular employment and a better future.
Mona Loo, Executive Director
P.O. Box 2273
Malibu, CA 90265
The Malibu Community Labor Exchange (MCLE), a community-based nonprofit 501c3 charity was created to establish a day worker hiring center as a convenient, organized, and humane alternative to day workers gathering on public street corners. The Labor Exchange Center finally became reality in August of 1993, but not without years of effort, community conflict, and one failed attempt at setting up a first hiring site. The first hiring site at Zuma Beach had a fiesta opening on May 5, 1990. The Zuma site was the brainchild of Connie Fox, former nun and advocate for day laborers and local homeless. She and Honey Coatsworth, founder of the Artifac Tree, a charity thrift shop, created the Coalition for Homeless and Dayworkers (CHAD). Each contributed generously in time and money toward opening the site. Other community organizers included: L.A. County Sheriff’s Captain Don Mauro, Zev Yaroslavsky’s office, and celebrity Martin Sheen. CHAD was able to obtain permission to set up a small office trailer on County-owned property near the Zuma Beach parking lot. They opened with great hopes, a lunch program, English classes, and dedicated volunteers.
However, the Zuma site was closed in less than a year because it was located in proximity to residential areas whose owners filed a complaint that the center violated zoning restrictions. The closure of the site in early 1991 was a bitter disappointment to CHAD organizers.

The legacy of the Zuma Hiring Site was that in late 1991, a unanimous Malibu city council voted to sanction a new site at a new location. They encouraged the formation of a volunteer Board of Directors made up of community and religious leaders and city council appointees. The first officers were: Rev. Larry Peacock, President, Mona Loo, Vice-President, Lieutenant Mike Moore, Secretary, and Dan Wallace, Treasurer.
The Malibu Community Labor Exchange opened its doors and hosted its first work lottery on August 31, 1993. Today, the City of Malibu continues to contract with the MCLE to run the site at a trailer office on L.A. County property near the Malibu Civic Center and County Courthouses.
In 2005 the Labor Exchange celebrated its 12th Anniversary. Having registered over 5000 workers and helped facilitate thousands of day jobs at no cost to the workers or the hirers, Malibu’s Labor Exchange is one of the oldest such hiring sites for day laborers serving all races and backgrounds in the state.

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Here is another nonprofit, supported by your tax dollars and giving jobs to illegals here in the US.

The Institute of Popular Education of Southern California (IDEPSCA) is a non-profit community-based educational organization incorporated in 1991. Your contribution will help educate and organize immigrant families: day laborers, household workers, adult learners, parents, youth and children to develop and promote self-sufficiency.
As a community organization that believes that it is only through our working together that we may achieve our goals IDEPSCA relies on donations from a wide base of individuals and institutions.
Currently, IDEPSCA operates 6- Day Laborers sites: Hollywood, Downtown Fashion District, West Los Angeles, Harbor City, Cypress Park and Pasadena. Besides the centers IDEPSCA also organizes workers in two corners: Chesterfield Square in South Central Los Angeles and Canoga Park in the San Fernando Valley.
The Day Laborer Community Job Centers provide a humane way to look for work and offer a learning environment through literacy, English classes and information about health, labor and immigrant laws. These centers also function as a public safety alternative to soliciting employment on the street corners and suffering from severe exploitation and unsafe working conditions.
Due to supply and demand paradigm, the day laborers are forced to compete with each other promoting employers to take advantage and ending in paying day laborer from $6 to $10 per hour. However, $8.00 an hour is the norm due to the extreme pressure of trying to make ends meet. At IDEPSCA centers, the workers have established their own minimum wage.
How we work
The Day Laborer Program provides honest, organized, and respectful workers to do the job that may be required from an employer. The employer may call ahead or request a worker in person. Each center follows a registration system to distribute the jobs, but the employer is free to choose a worker in particular. IDEPSCA centers do not charge any fees to the employers or the workers.
Cypress Park Community Job Center
2055 North Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90065
Ph: (323) 223-2021
Fax: (323) 223-1430
Hollywood Community Job Center
5669 W. De Longpre Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038
Ph: (323) 469-9002
Fax: (323) 469-9003
Pasadena Community Job Center
500 North Lake Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 91101
Ph: (626) 440-0112
Fax: (626) 440-0114
Harbor City Day Laborer Site
Figueroa Place and Pacific Coast Highway
Los Angeles, CA 90710
Ph: (310) 663-1103
Fax: (213) 252-2953
Downtown Community Job Center
1813 & 1815 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Ph: (213) 747-2064
Fax: (213) 747-2066
West Los Angeles Community Job Center
11299 West Exposition Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Ph: (310) 231-1179
Fax: (310) 231-9242
Hours of Operation
The hours are 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through
Saturday. If you need a worker for Sunday you may call
ahead to make arrangements during our business hours.
Type of Skills/ Jobs:
• Carpenters- Flooring, Framing and Furniture
• Landscaping- Gardening and Bush Clearance, Pilling, Planting, Trimming, and Sprinklers
• Plumber- Piping, Digging
• Painting- Exterior and Interior
• Moving- Loading and Unloading
• Masonry- Demolition, Drywall, Plastering, Roofing, Tile, Cement
• Janitorial- Clean ups
• Car Related Mechanic, Car Wash, Waxing, Polish and Body Shop
• Electricians
• Handyman
• House Cleaning
• General Labor
Get Involved!
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteering with the Day Laborer Program connects you with hundreds of workers from different cultural backgrounds. It provides an interactive way to understand and engage with the day laborer phenomenon through our Popular Education Methodology. We offer rewarding opportunities at the different Community Job Centers and in the organized corners. In all cases, training is provided to ensure that your volunteer experience is both enjoyable and fruitful.
Labor and Civil Rights
Workers cannot defend their rights if they ignore such rights. Our volunteers prepare workshops and materials to inform and educate workers about their labor and civil rights.
ESL Classes
A large number of workers are not English speakers. ESL classes are one of the most crucial needs at the centers. Our volunteers develop curriculums that are specifically designed to prepare workers for conversations and writing skills needed in the workplace.
Special Events
Our volunteers help us organize and host memorable special events, including:
Center’s Anniversary Celebrations, Fundraisers, Cultural Celebrations, and Sports Events.
Special Projects
Bring new exciting projects to the Day Laborer Community Job Centers. Through the hard work and dedication of many volunteers we have been able to organize different special projects to promote the life and work of day laborers and household workers in Los Angeles and Pasadena such as: photographic exhibits, day laborer art exhibits, talent shows, theater, and film.
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Just another nonprofit helping illegals here in Calif.

Pomona Economic Opportunity Center (909) 397-4215
The PEOC is a non-profit day labor organization whose mission is to provide an opportunity for day laborers to find safe work at a fair wage, to organize and advocate for themselves, to obtain new trades and skills that improve their employability and quality of life, and to improve the overall conditions for all immigrant workers.
Labor site: Home Depot
1682 W. Mission Blvd.
Pomona, CA 91766
(in the parking lot of HD Supply store)
Hours of operation:
Monday – Saturday: 6:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Sunday: 6:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Immigrant Rights Organizing
The PEOC is recognized throughout the region, and increasingly throughout the state, as a leading immigrant rights organization in eastern Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire. In 2009, we organized a successful campaign against the Riverside Border Patrol Station, which stopped the raids on day laborers by uniting a diverse coalition of supporters, developing a media strategy to call attention to quotas and racial profiling, and using legislative advocacy at both the local and federal levels.
In 2008, we entered into a partnership with the Laborers Union, Change to Win, and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network to organize low-wage immigrant workers. We created the Day Laborer Congress of the Inland Empire made up of over 80 day laborer leaders to advocate for day laborers’ rights on a regional level. Jointly with local community leaders, we created the Pomona Habla Coalition in 2008, which has dramatically decreased the number of discriminatory driver’s license checkpoints in the city.
ESL Classes
During the academic year, the Center welcomes student volunteers six days per week (Monday through Saturday) to teach English as a Second Language (less regularly during the summer). Generally, ESL classes are offered from 8:30 to 10:30 and 10:30 to 12:30 and are taught by students from the Claremont Colleges, Cal Poly Pomona, and by community members. The teachers range from completely bilingual Spanish-English speakers to English Speakers with limited Spanish-speaking skills.
The ESL at the Center is primarily survival, work-based English focused on conversation skills. The language skills of the workers have a wide range – we have workers that do not have a high literacy level in their native language of Spanish, some who are at the beginning level of ESL, and others who are very advanced and essentially bilingual. More advanced students or those who want more intensive classroom instruction are encouraged to register for classes at the Pomona Adult Education Center or the Community Education program at Mt. San Antonio Community College (Mt. Sac).
Health Education and Outreach
A $10,000 grant the PEOC received from the California Foundation (you see, the other nonprofits support this one they all hide where the money goes)facilitated the initial development of a health education and outreach programs to the day laborers, put into action through collaboration of a part time day laborer health coordinator and volunteer Pitzer College intern. This primary phase of the health program resulted in approximately one dozen health presentations on a wide variety of preventative health topics, a carwash fundraiser raising over $500 in funds for an uninsured injured day laborer, the establishment of a day labor soccer team, and a free clinic where day laborers were given physical exams and clinic referrals.
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