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Default Humboldt squid invade SoCal waters

Humboldt squid invade SoCal waters


By George Van Zant, Outdoors Columnist


The Humboldt squid are here! Thirty-seven anglers caught 300 Humboldts from a sportboat Sunday night out of Davey's Locker Newport Harbor. The 22nd Street Landing boat out of San Pedro accidentally caught 6 devils while sand dab fishing.

The squid, otherwise known as Red Devils, hang out in the depths to 1,000 feet. The best method for catching them is to drop big squid jigs to 300 feet or deeper and slowly wind them back.

If you get a hit, remember where you got the strike and fish at that depth or as close to it as you can remember.

When the squid attacks, it feels weird and the only indication is the feeling of increasing weight slowly pulling the rod down. Humboldt squid are truly amazing animals.

Unless they are on a feeding frenzy, they are very passive. But when they are feeding, they turn to a deep red color and often become cannibalistic. Not much is known about their daytime habits, as they live towards 2,000 feet deep. But they often chase bait to the shallow surface at night, and that's when anglers can get them in great numbers, many weighing 40 pounds or more.

The Pot Of Gold Halibut Tournament at Long Beach Sportfishing kicked off with a bang.

Jim Willard, of Whittier, landed a 28.15-pound flattie on the second day of the tourney.

There is plenty of opportunity for cash and prizes to be won as the tournament runs from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. through Sunday, continuing for eight weeks. If you don't get a butt, there is an outstanding chance at those 4- to 6-pound sandbass being caught and limits of tasty sculpin. Call (562) 432-8993.

The sportboat Big Game 90 is setting up shop March 1. at Long Beach Marina Landing. They offer 2 to 2 1/2 day trips fishing our local waters and offshore islands. They are offering an advance purchasing special for two anglers: If one signs up, the second angler gets 50 percent off his ticket. For information call (858) 270-7525 or call Marina Landing at (562) 598-6649.

Last week, a potential line test world record thresher shark was caught. Paul Hoofe landed the thresher using very light 6-pound test line. He caught the beauty just outside Newport Harbor. Those of you readers that have fought it out with a thresher shark know that landing one using much heavier line is very difficult. On 6-pound line, it is amazing.


Irvine Lake planted 2,000 pounds of hybrid striped bass on Jan. 29. Another 2,000 pounds will be stocked Friday. These fish will be on a strictly catch-and-release basis, the same rules as all the other bass species in the lake. These bass are also known as sunshine bass or wipers.

Santa Ana River Lakes is still offering an angler a special prize for catching the biggest trout before 4 p.m. Feb. 28. The winner gets an expense paid trip to Woxof Lodge in Alaska. If you catch the fish with Eagle Claw bait or attractants, the company Eagle Claw will pick up the airplane ticket. SARL has also planted two 30-pound rainbow trout.
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