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Old 04-19-2015, 08:21 PM
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Default Congressman Steve Knight threatens Republican voter at Simi Valley open house

Congressman Steve Knight seeks police protection from Republican voters during public open house, then threatens voter as he leaves.

A little over one month after Rep. Congressman Steve Knight followed the Republican leadership and allowed funding for Pres. Obama’s executive amnesty, the first term Congressman came home to the district to hold an open house for his newly opened Simi Valley office.

A group of around 25 Republican voters and constituents held a no amnesty rally in response to the part that Steve Knight played in defeating the amnesty de-funding effort in Congress.

Steve Knight’s office was prepared, ready and waiting, for dissenters and when we arrived we were immediately met with a representative who politely told us that entry to the office and building would not be allowed.

Here we were, a group of Republican voters, and constituents, including many who had voted for Steve Knight, being told, no admittance.

It is somewhat understandable that Congressman Knight sees the conflict; after all he gained our trust by misrepresenting his position on amnesty for illegal aliens, then used the power that we gave him to allow Obama’s executive amnesty to be fully funded and implemented.

Needless to say many in our group decided there was no need to comply, and we entered the building with our signs and attempted to go into the office, only to discover the entrance crowded with Chamber of Commerce members, put in place to purposely block us.

By entering the building we directly disobeyed Congressman Knights orders so Congressman Knight summoned the police.

I have to admit it is rather noteworthy to see a Republican Congressman calling the police on a group of 25 Republican voters in his district, but this event happened just after this Congressman and a Republican led Congress recently allowed funding for a massive nation transforming and illegal executive amnesty.

My question is what does the Congressman think we should do at the open house?

Throw flowers at his feet?

Seeing the Congressman surrounded and protected by Chamber of Commerce members and seeing their efforts to prevent us from coming in and sharing our message of securing our borders, putting American workers first, and stopping the lawlessness and chaos that illegal immigration has on Americans, reinforced my knowledge of the deep addiction many Republican politicians and the Chamber of Commerce has for cheap labor, as well as their plans to achieved it through open borders and massive labor importation.

Sadly, I really think our current situation with many Republican representatives is like an adolescent child who has surrounded himself with the wrong crowd and become addicted to drugs. The parent of the drug addicted adolescent (us), knows about the child’s addiction and begs and pleads with their child, imploring them that they’ve got to quit.

We tell the child that they’ve got to quit the drugs because, “it’s going to kill you”. The drug-addicted adolescent hates the parent for their efforts, and is determined to keep abusing.

The parent is trying to save the child’s life, and tries everything, including tough love. Unfortunately that parent knows deep down, if the child can’t be made to listen, the child is going to die, and the parent fears the child’s death will bring the parent down with them.

The Mother and Father do not give up though; the parent is determined to save the child.

Congressman Knight ruined his open house further by letting his anger boiled over when he threatened a Republican voter that was with us.

Please watch:

When a Congressman tells a private Citizen that he’s “going to drop your ass”, while surrounded by his security agents that are most probably armed. That is not only abusive it also crosses a dangerous line. I think it’s fair to say that Steve Knight has some anger issues, and quite possibly a screw loose.

Steve Knight needs to issue an apology for the threats that he made to the Republican voter that was at the open house. Please call and let his office know that the threats that the Congressman made were childish and uncalled for and that an apology needs to be made.

Washington: 202-225-1956
Simi Valley: 805-581-7130

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