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Old 02-18-2010, 12:41 PM
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Default Back to the Future....

WOW! Back to the future what a bummer.

Last night in Santa Clarita was the second of three Candidate Forums hosted by the Canyon Country Advisory Council at the George A. Caravahlo Activity Center Banquet Room 20880 Center Point Parkway.

I did not attend the Candidate Forum since I do not live in Santa Clarita and anything I said or did would not amount to a hill of beans. However, I was there greeting the community and handing out our Rally flyer to those that arrived to attend the meeting.

Yes, Roger was there with his beautiful wife. I met the wife of David Gauny, who is running for Santa Clarita City Council. I met the lady in the white car, (if you remember the LA Times, Ann Simmons in Santa Clarita the article “Immigrant rights group files complaint against Santa Clarita councilman over “proud racist’ remark, Feb. 9, 2010) “a Santa Clarita resident in her white car yelled “Get out my town right now,” one woman screamed from her car. “Who do you think you are? Do you read the papers? Everyone here is behind Bob Kellar.” I had the honor of shaking hands with Betha Gonzales-Haper (the lady with the long white hair that spoke at the CCM in favor of Bob Kellar). This passing out fliers thingy turned out better than I thought it would.

The Forum was scheduled for 7:00pm so I arrived at 6:30pm. I drove into the driveway of this huge complex. By this time it was pretty dark, however, the complex had great lighting. There was a sign with arrows pointing in the direction of where each building was located. There was ample, free parking.

I parked, got out of the car and looked around for Jean. I telephone Jean; she was not feeling well and was unable to meet me there. Get Well Soon, Jean.

At this point standing by my car, in a parking lot, at a recreational center after 6pm, fear started to set in (I live in, El Norte de Tijuana, by dusk fall, I am on lock down. You will not see me again until Sun up).

Looking around my surrounding I felt like I had just entered the Twilight Zone. Did I exit from a time machine, could this be the 1970s? Dazed and confused I noted, or didn’t note, no trash anywhere (dirty baby diapers and dried out corn cobs, missing), the whole complex was clean, no homeless people sleeping on the grass, there wasn’t any graffiti, no food peddlers with their carts, no disrespectful punks on skateboards, no foul language. The area appeared safe, even though I did not see any police or security guards. Well-behaved teenagers were there without parental supervision (shock). Men were arriving for the Umpire Class. Guys playing basketball, women and men going to exercise class with exercise mats rolled up. A meeting room for the Jr. High School was in session. The population appeared diverse, White, Black, Hispanic and Asian. Walking over to the Activity Center, people actually made eye contact, they said, hello or nodded or just smiled. The parking lot and walkway were smooth, no potholes or large cracks in the pavement.

Here’s another shocker, “Restroom”, I opened the door, bright lighting, no bad smell, no water on the floor, no bathroom paper on the floor, bathroom clean, trash can not over flowing, each stall had a door with a lock and a hook, automatic flushing toilet, seat covers, roll of bathroom tissue, no graffiti or knife carvings in the wall or doors. The sinks were clean, hot and cold running water, no leaky or dripping pipes, no stopped up drains, soap dispenser filled with foaming hand soap, paper towel dispenser filled, this restroom actually had real glass mirrors that were also clean and intact.

In front of the Activity Center, I waited for the people to arrive for the meeting. I might add that I was wearing my “March for Justice”(gold lettering) black tee shirt with the gold Sheriff’s badge embroidered on the front with the black line through the middle of the badge (Deputy David March gunned down by an illegal alien criminal).

Standing out front, no one asked me what I was doing there, or to leave. As each person arrived I handed out a flyer. I handed out 55 of the 60 fliers I had printed. This was an easy crowd to work, they were all well informed and up to date, all knew about the Bob Kellar “Racist” thing, all supported Bob, all were gung ho about attending the Rally and actually, looking forward to it. Quite a few stated they would be bringing family and friends. Many thanked me (us) for the Jan. 16th rally and for this one coming up on Feb. 27th.

I left that area about 7:35pm and walked back to my car. As I was walking through the well lit parking lot, being aware of my surroundings, looking over my shoulder, listening for the boogie man, having my car keys in my hand and ready, unlocking and opening my car door, looking inside the car, to see if anyone is hiding in there, getting in the car and locking the door, I had to stop and think, DO THE PEOPLE OF SANTA CLARITA REALLY KNOW WHAT IS HEADED THEIR WAY IF THEY DON’T FACE REALITY NOW, AND I MEAN NOW?

I drove out of the 1970’s and back to the future. Bummer.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

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Old 02-18-2010, 07:05 PM
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Glory, you are indeed an inspiration to me. I wish I could have been there with you, as I enjoy the meet and greet activism like you just did. Glad to hear you had a decent run of it, and that you seem to have found a slice of paradise before it was paved over with illegals.
I'm busy until the end of this month, but after that, it's imitate Glory time
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Old 02-19-2010, 06:58 AM
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Thanks for the post Glory. I am just sorry you had to do it alone even if it was safe.
Feel better soon Jean , you are needed.
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