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Old 02-18-2015, 04:12 AM
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Default Texas Judge Hanen skewers Obama.

I can appreciate that everyone is probably fatigued/burned out from all of the many years of continuous controversy.

Judge Hanen stopped Obama dead in his tracks. When you read the article you will see the future manipulations probable. Appeals court then Supreme Court. Let me say that based on my experience and observations the pace at which these courts move will probably mean that Obama will be out of office before this is finalized. *( And Holder too ). Thus, we just need to run out the clock. Obama can sit at home, sulk and cry in his beer. He has been emasculated.

According to other feedback, in Georgia, 90% of Republicans and 70% of Democrats are opposed to Obamas give away, open door, policy of foreigners flooding in taking American jobs.

In respect to this website I will try to avoid being too vociferous in condemning the present occupant of the oval office, but I will venture to assert that in my lifetime I have never seen a more corrupt, pathological liar.

To digress, as I posted previously, I lived overseas for many years in many countries. Some really raunchy and pathetic. Flaky, run away dictators. Many of the characteristics I saw in these miscreants are actually coming to the forefront in Obama.

I can only repeat that as distressing as it may be to see these liberal, disingenuous, misguided, corrupt, dishonest politicians, operating somewhat with impunity, my impression remains that they are proceeding down a path of alienating more and more Americans and I will venture that it is enhancing the prospect of a Republican President in 2016.
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