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Old 11-08-2014, 10:36 PM
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Default An Immigration Reform We can Tolerate?

Let's say some sort of immigration plan is inevitable. Let's face it too; there is one now that is unspoken. We no illegals are being legalized bit-by-bit here and there. In addition to fighting amnesty, I suggest we formulate a plan to submit, as opposed to one the congress would hack up and attempt to ram down our throats. Not one of us like any small bit of what they tried to choke us with last time. I say it's our turn; Let's draft our reform plan, right here; right now. Here is a start, and by no means a hard and fast one. But fast should be in our thoughts. Please submit your own ideas here

An immigration reform plan we can tolerate.

First off, no blanket amnesty. Not for anyone. That goes for illegals who were brought here for no fault of their own who were 12 and under when they arrived in the US illegally, can get permanent alien residency so long as they don't take up arms against the US, or threaten to destabilize or otherwise cause revolt or insurrection. Permanent alien residency means permanent work permits, but never citizenship, nor any voting rights. Sorry, but some things go beyond any one or small group of, persons. Native born Americans have the right to control their government, and that means restricting that government's ability to import voters of their choosing.

Children over 12 years when they arrived will be given TEMPORARY visas, and renewable work permits. Deportable for ANY felony, mandatory deportation for serial felony convictions. No citizenship unless they return to their home countries for 5 years or more, and then apply for re-entry, and naturalization with no special preferences for being an illegal alien previously.This category shall not apply to any illegal alien who entered on their own free will, and without their immediate family member

Illegal aliens over the age of 18 years old when they arrived illegally are deportable immediately for any misdemeanor crime convictions where a fine is not paid, restitution not paid, or sentence un-served due to failure to complete sentencing. Deportable immediately for any warrants in which the subject evades capture in any way, including using false identity

Illegal aliens over the age of 18 years old when they arrived illegally are given temporary visas and work permits for 2 years, after which they must voluntarily return to their native country. The temporary work permits and visas shall serve as time to earn funds and get their affairs in order.

Any illegal alien who completes this process honorably shall be afforded the opportunity to apply for a temporary visa after 3 years from the date of repatriation. If their application is accepted, they may also apply for temporary work permits authorized by congress on an equal basis with every other foreign born applicant. No citizenship; not ever. permanent ban on citizenship or voting rights.

Any illegal alien who does not repatriate voluntarily during the two year period shall be subject to immediate deportation, and shall be deported with a 10 year prohibition on re-entry, as well as no chance of citizenship or voting rights.

In exchange for this, the native born citizen shall demand immigration law enforcement:

Any visa overstay beyond 1 year that was not caused by an extreme family emergency, unavoidable medical incapitation, or arrest but no conviction, or having been the victim of a serious crime in which the person was rendered immobile, shall be immediately deported and a 5 year ban on returning shall apply. A second offense shall cause a 10 year ban

Any new illegal entry by breach of US borders is subject to deportation immediately. Anyone claiming asylum shall do so from a neutral position set up at the US border, and not be paroled in the US while the case is heard. The US has enough money to cause hearings in short order for this; we must engage it.

The US federal government shall enforce work visa rules diligently

the US federal government shall bring legal actions against states and municipalities who offer refuge to illegal aliens in any form. This means offering driver's licenses, work authorizations, or sanctuaries.

The US federal government shall revoke tax exempt status of any institutions who engage in subverting US immigration laws or offer or declare themselves sanctuaries from immigration law.

The US government shall order the internal revenue service to investigate complaints where an ITIN is being used by a person without lawful presence in the US when that person's income reasonably appears to be derived from an ongoing job or business within the US borders

The US citizen shall have the right to attend court hearings in which immigration matters are heard

The US Citizen shall have the right to inspect immigration case records, except those in which asylum is requested, and the requests are based upon sexual assaults, national security interests, or those involving minors. In the cases involving sexual assaults and minors, the public's right to inspect shall aplly to everything except the identities or identifying information
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