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Old 11-20-2014, 09:10 PM
Greg in LA Greg in LA is offline
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Default It's time to stand up for ourselves.

Dear Friends,
Barack Obama the most powerful has spoken, and issued his imperial executive order... Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, work permits for all.

What is the fearless Republican leadership in Washington doing to help Americans and our country in this time of crisis...well, most of them just left for vacation.

(unfortunately, I"m not joking!). I don't know what you think, but that doesn't give me a lot of confidence.

Friends, this is time for action and to show the politicians what we are made of. Personally I will be directing my anger towards the Republican leadership for their cowardly and silent response. It is unimaginable that they go on Thanksgiving vacation and leave our country to the wolves.

I will be calling the Capitol and local Congressional offices tomorrow and I hope that you will also.


PS. There is going to be a rally against Obama's amnesty tomorrow Nov. 21, in Rancho Cucamonga at the corner of 10535 Haven and Foothill, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Kevin McCarthy 202-225-2915 661-327-3611

Buck McKeon: 202-225-1956 661-254-2111

Ed Royce: 202-225-4111 714-255-0101

Duncan Hunter: 202-225-5672 951-695-5108

Darryl Issa: 202-225-3906 760-599-5000

Dana Rohrabacher: 202-225-2415 714-960-6483

Ken Calvert: 202-225-1986 951-277-0042

Steve Scalise: 202-225-3015 985-340-2185

John Boehner: 202-225-6205 513-779-5400

Dial *67 to block caller ID.
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Old 11-21-2014, 10:15 AM
wetibbe wetibbe is offline
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Default Sick Puppy


As I have amplified many times here I am a very old, seasoned veteran who has seen absolutely everything.

With much trepidation and reluctance I have come to the lamentable conclusion that Obama is a very sick puppy who is delusional. He cannot separate reality from fiction. His processes of logic are contaminated to the extent that he cannot separate right from wrong.

He presist's in vacillating from one position to another with no cogent logic apparent.

He has now embarked on a desperate course of self destruction promoted by the recent strong repudiation and rejection. *(Too much for his ego to take ).

His disingenuous coddling of blatant, scoff law border jumpers lends to his incompetent understanding of Federal Laws.
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Old 11-21-2014, 12:24 PM
Patriotic Army Mom Patriotic Army Mom is offline
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I'm real old also, and I'm so angry and ready for the fight, my roof will probably blow off of my house.
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