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Old 04-19-2012, 09:13 AM
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Default AMERICAN Jackpot Babies

AMERICAN Jackpot Babies
With the complete ignorance of the Republican Party developing an anti-conservative attitude and the Democratic Party willing to trade off citizens with Mexico, is there a future for America? To rephrase the question, is there a future for Americans? As Obama continues to play “The Pied Piper of Hamelin,” he overwhelms the illegal Mexicans in El Paso with political promises of amnesty. With Obama threatening America with amnesty to twenty million illegal aliens in the United States, America braces for more economic deterioration. What America wanted to hear from Obama in El Paso Texas was his new found strategy to generate twenty million new jobs for Americans and not illegal aliens.
Let’s compose our intelligence with statistics since the majority of you place your heart and soul into statistics and gallop polls. In Stockton, California (2003), 70 percent of the 2,300 babies, born in San Joaquin General Hospital’s maternity ward were American Jackpot Babies. Also in Parkland Memorial Hospital Dallas, the second busiest maternity ward in the United States, 70% of the women were giving birth to American Anchor Babies. What most Americans don’t understand is they are being traded off for a new society, and the illegal alien birth numbers prove it. For clarification, Jackpot Babies derive from Canadian identification of illegal Mexicans in Canada having babies. Anchor Babies are derived from American identification of illegal Mexicans having babies in America. These are official terms used in government identification of illegal aliens.
Canada has basically resolved its Jackpot Baby explosion by not allowing automatic citizenship for illegal alien babies born in their country. Canada has ruled out amnesty for illegal aliens. On the other hand in Mexico, Mexico’s Law enforcement officials at all levels by national mandate must cooperate together to enforce immigration laws in Mexico. This includes illegal alien arrests, deportations of anchor babies and their mothers. The Mexican military is required to support immigration enforcement operations. Americans will not believe this, but check this out; in Mexico, Mexicans are empowered to make citizens' arrests of illegal aliens [Americans] and turn them in to police. To add insult to “American stupidity,” the country of Mexicois in negotiations with the Obama administration demanding Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty for their illegal Mexican citizens inside the US. Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re talking about at minimum twenty million illegal Mexicans that are embedded into the American tax payer wallet.
From henceforth, all across America you will see an amazing “in your face” uprising as you have never seen before in America. Obama is calling out for illegal Mexicans and other illegal aliens who have produced American JackPot Babies to rise up and be counted as Democrats. Illegal Mexicans do not need a slot machine to hit the jackpot, only a quick ride to a California, Texas, New Mexico or Arizona hospital to pull the handle on the instant jackpot machine. Just one pull [have one baby in the U.S.] and you’re automatically a jackpot winner. American JackPot Babies automatically receive free medical coverage, free food stamps, free housing and free education. But that’s not all, we [Democratic Party] have added a surprise bonus jackpot winning of a free four year [or more] college education for each American Jackpot Baby in the United States of America. Non-Jackpot Babies [real American citizens] are not eligible for these winnings and must continue to pay taxes to support the American Jackpot Babies. All of these American Jackpot Baby winnings have received overwhelming approval by the Obama administration through judicial actions which entangles federal immigration laws.
With Obama kicking off his 2012 campaign in El Paso Texas, primarily spewing out his slanderous political bombs on Republicans, proves his out of focus with real America. America is in economic dire straits today and the foreseeable future. Yet, Obama continues to promote division within the nation economically, politically and socially. More particularly this historical president is blasting open the southern U.S. borders with promises to ease illegal Mexicans hardship to traffic in and out of America without a green card. The results of Obama coddling illegal Mexicans and other illegal aliens tracking into America have enticed border law breakers to create their own “Illegal Alien SOP Border Manual.” Having a standard operation procedure border manual [SOP] has enabled illegal Mexicans and other illegal aliens to learn how to systematically break U.S. Federal Laws without concern for legal backlash against them. As a matter of fact the primary goal in the standard operation procedure border manual for illegal Mexicans and other illegal aliens is to immediately create American Jackpot Babies to refute immigration laws.
Enough of what you consider “political rhetoric,” lets take into account the reality of American Jackpot Babies. Obama and the Democratic Party want to specifically legalize illegal Mexicans and other illegal aliens for votes in 2012. Everyone in America knows that Obama’s political campaign must include the illegal alien voter agenda. You must take into consideration that much of Obama’s original 2008 voting base has severed their support from his dismal economic policies. In order for Obama to secure replacement voters for the disengaged independents who voted for him in 2008, parents of American Jackpot Babies must be transitioned into the Democratic Party voting base.
With the president harping on immigration reform that includes amnesty for federal law breakers continues to divide America. Obama for the better part of political strategy is trying to ensure his reelection by deliberately dividing America into two groups. His political polarization has resulted in pitting citizens who support illegal aliens against citizens who want federal laws enforced.
During these pre 2012 times America has found out that this is the most ignorant administration that the United States has ever produced. America should consider these last months before November 6, 2012 as teaching moments in national security and economic uncertainty. America has an opportunity to learn from the 2008 monumental presidential election error. As proven by Obams’s El Paso Texas campaign promises to illegal Mexicans, emphasis to be learned by America is never again allow an amateur politician to take helm of this country’s national security.
Having a president that blatantly under minds the very constitution of this nation is treacherous and overtly demeaning to our concept of law and order. It is no secret Obama is without respect for America. But having a president siding with the onslaught of federal law breakers, international thugs, border bandits and Jackpot Babies is pathetic.
U.S. Immigration Laws are not about grooming illegal Mexicans and other illegal aliens working and living in America. U.S. Immigration Laws are about removing or eliminating foreign individuals who break U.S. Federal Laws within our borders.
It is understood in the Washington D.C. political ring that the 14th Amendment battle must be taken up in Congress concerning the permissiveness of illegal aliens. Until the 14th Amendment is clarified, political clowns, illegal Mexicans and illegal aliens will ignore the law of the land. While Obama and Eric Holder ignore the law of the land, “Anchor Babies and Jackpot Babies” will be dropped on your tax dollars.

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