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Old 08-21-2012, 06:51 AM
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Default Herrera Ordered Out of City Council Mtg Denounced Cabriales/Hispanic Chamber of Comme

Raymond Herrera - per the mayor - was escorted out of Victorville City Council Meeting by two police officers on 8/7/12. Video included.

FILE PHOTO: Above photo, Mayor Pro Tem Rudy Cabriales, High Desert Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Cinco de Mayo festival, Victorville, CA.

Raymond Herrera has been speaking out at Victorville City Council Meetings in opposition to the Victorville Mayor Pro Tem Rudy Cabriales and his financial dealings via the High Desert Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Vicki Cabriales, the wife of Mayor Pro Tem Rudy Cabriales, is the CEO of the High Desert Chamber of Commerce.

The newly elected city council member, Angela Valles,

called for an investigation of more than $50,00 in illegal financial practices procured by Mayor Pro Tem Rudy Cabriales and his wife. The final report issued from the district attorney stated that Cabriales had broken the conflict of interest law, but claimed Cabriales had corrected his financial practices. Therefore, the district attorney said that Mayor Pro Tem Cabriales would not be prosecuted for the lawbreaking. ARTICLE: In addition, activists publicly opposed the City of Victorville sponsorship of the High Desert Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Cinco de Mayo festival.

Mayor Pro Tem Rudy Cabriales has declared that he will NOT run for re-election in 2012.

At The August 7, 2012, Victorville City Council Meeting, Mayor Ryan McEachron had Raymond Herrera escorted out of the meeting during the public comments segment of the meeting when Raymond Herrera denounced the district attorney for not prosecuting Mayor Pro Tem Rudy Cabriales.


click on the link, then click on the screen:
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Old 08-21-2012, 09:48 PM
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Well, I agree with Ray, but he let his anger get the best of him when he could have chose his tone and words a little better.

And, Ray had best have witnesses around whenever he deals with any part of politics at any level or anything which could be controversial and / or involve the police in San Bernardino county.

Politics in San Bernardino county from most cities to the county has been crooked and corrupt for many decades, and the High Desert is no exception. There might not be the same people in any of the offices as there was at the time, but I know from personal experience that if there is political pressure within Victorville city hall concerning a false police report the council will probably lean on the police chief for action and there will probably be collusion with the San Bernardino County DA's office and a judge to "clean it up".

I don't want to discuss my thing any further, but witness what happened to Edwin Thomas Snell, AKA The Clown Suit Activist who yanked municipal chains in, I believe, 4 counties including San Bernardino. I believe he incredibly managed to make bail, and he has a website.

There is a whole SOS thread dedicated to Snell:
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