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Crime and Punishment Crimes affecting our state and communities. Manhunts, wanted posters, Arrests, and sentences.

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Old 04-03-2010, 12:19 PM
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Default Twice deported Mexican illegal alien serial rapist sentenced to 168 ½ years in prison

Twice deported Mexican illegal alien serial rapist sentenced to 168 ½ years in prison
By Megan Boehnke and Michael Kiefer –The Arizona Republic
Santana Batiz-Aceves, the confessed Chandler Rapist who stalked young women for more than a year, was sentenced to 168 ½ years in prison Friday.
Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Kristin Hoffman followed the plea agreement that Batiz Aceves signed last month.
On March 1, Santana Batiz-Aceves, 39, pleaded guilty to 12 counts in five separate assaults, including charges of child molestation, attempted sexual contact with a minor and aggravated assault.
On Friday, his victims and their parents packed the courtroom to send Batiz- Aceves off to prison. Batiz-Aceves did not address the court or his victims.
A father of two, Batiz-Aceves admitted to following the victims for weeks, targeting single-parent homes where parents leave early in the morning for work. He often wore a ski mask and threatened victims with a pistol, knife or screwdriver.
One victim was sleeping on a couch when he broke into her house; others were in their bedrooms.
The five assaults, from June 2006 through early 2007, occurred within a 2-mile radius of Batiz-Aceves’ home near Arizona Avenue and Ray Road. The victims ranged in age from 12 to 15. At least two moved immediately after the attacks.
Police arrested Batiz-Aceves, a construction worker who went by the name Ricardo Lopez, on Jan. 12, 2007, after receiving a tip about a white Toyota Tercel that a neighbor spotted during the time of a November attack.
Aceves was deported in 1999 and 2003 on drug offenses. A 30 cent bullet would be a helluva lot cheaper than the cost of jailing this POS serial offender.
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