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Old 08-12-2014, 03:50 AM
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Default Osama Bin Laden crosses our border.

The border is secure !!!! Yes, it's true.

Coyotes, drug dealers, terrorists, renegades, young, old, male, female, foreigners, rip crews, criminals, repeat offenders and more can now safely cross the Mexican/US Border from South to North easily/securely by wading across the Rio Grande in knee deep water only some 20 feet wide. Or alternately if they don't want to get their feet wet - Hey! - just use the foot bridge. Then it's a 6 mile walk to I-10.

But why do that. It takes too much effort. There is a better way. Cross at Laredo and surrender to the Border Patrol, then get free housing, free medical, free food and free transportation on inland *( Not back to the Country of origin). Then the real freebies really kick in. Free schooling for the young'uns, food stamps, entitlements.

. Does it get any better than that? Oh yeah, it will.

But I want to fess up. I have a secret, psssttt - come closer. BO offered "change". Now you know what change meant. The Federal Government had a very clever, diabolical plan to deliver a knock out punch to the Coyotes, drug smugglers and human traffickers. Simple- traffic arms INTO Mexico and give them to the Cartels. Traffic drugs using Federal help. Traffic humans in. . Nope, I'm not kidding, this has actually happened and it is well documented as well as indisputable.
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