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Old 03-25-2011, 10:18 PM
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Default Donnelly's Office Tells Us To Take A Hike

My fellow SOS'ers

I recently received an email from The office of Assemblyman Tim Donnelly. It was written by his aide, Gregg Imus. In the email he took issue with the picture of the gallows attached to my signature line that I put there months ago when I was researching and posting information about the history of California's executions. Seizing upon that picture, he wrote the following:

It has a picture of a hanging platform completed with nooses. I have no idea why you would post that photo but I want it taken of the site now! This lack of discernment greatly concerns me and I fear that all of our efforts to bring this bill to the capital will be hurt by crazy people that your movement attracts.
I'm not quite sure which movement he was referring to, nor how we attract crazy people, but in keeping with my policy of full disclosure here, I wanted you all to hear it from the horses mouth. I did remove the picture, not because of his demand of course, but because that project it was posted for originally had been back-burnered, and I had forgotten about it 'till now. I feel the "crazy people" reference was an unwarranted and completely unneccessary insult, and my first reaction was to defend you all, but then thought I'd better run it by everyone first. The email also included the following:
Joe Turner is my friend and I supported and stood with SOS when he was at the helm. SOS is now a closed group and I do not acknowledge any new group charading as the original.
Thank you in advance for cleaning up this mess.
Gregg Imus
While I'm not sure what conjured this up, but my first guess is that it is related to the email I got from Jeff Schwilk the day before about the Jim Gilchrist interview:
Gregg, this is the guy (Davi) we've been warning you about. Watch out for him at the rally on April 4. Keep your distance and warn the police like Chelene had to do when he was stalking her during her campaign for governor. He's a psycho and supports child killers. Keep your distance from this freak who was booted out of SOS and our movement and then he stole the SOS name for his fake Patriot group. He's an imposter.
So there you have it.
With this hanging over me, I don't think it's best for me to attend the event. Likewise, I have removed the promotion for it because from what I gathered, Donnelly's office does not want the association, or need our help.
With that said, I want to make it clear that this is just me, and SOS, and in no way meant to discourage anyone else in the personal sense, or any other groups. You all know SOS had previously suffered when former management sought to influence and pressure people over their other alliances and associations, and since then, we have formally rejected that practice. We always encourage participation and activism above most everything else, even when they aren't our events. The point is, none of this has to affect the rest of you. If you believe in the bill and support it, go to the event.
SOS will continue to work on events, and we will continue our effort to have a presence at the capitol. Nothing else will change.

Davi Rodrigues
Save Our State
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