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Old 07-24-2014, 10:04 AM
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Default Border Action News

This group is HO'd in Apache Junction, Arizona. Pinal and Maricopa Counties, whose Sheriffs are Paul Babeu and Joe Arpaio. The main contact is Barbara Powers. You will find more contact information on the above posted website along with more details.

Currently there are three operational groups in Arizona and ten in Texas. They are linked to the Murrietta patriots. Beginning August 1st there will be a 7 day traverse ending in the Texas Rio Grande valley. Anyone who wants to join, or see action on the border, or just wants to provide support in various forms should peruse the website for more detail. They do answer their phone and return E-mails. I recommend spending some time on the website. There is much to see. They are not soliciting money, rather goods and services.

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Presumably most here know what the Death Train is in Mexico. La Tren de Muerte. Google it for photos of the trains packed with illegal aliens. There are three main railroad company's in Mexico and close to a couple of dozen lesser lines. One such is the Mexican subsidiary of Kansas City Southern who owns the subsidiary in Mexico. The Death Train is generally thought, by some, to be one particular train. However, it is also considered by others. myself included, to be a generalized non-specific reference to any of several trains. Kansas City Southern does not operate on tracks down South in Mexico where the hordes swarm most abundantly. In May 2014 they took enhanced security measures to ban freeboard hobos from jumping the trains. None the less it is safe to assume that practically any of the trains in Mexico are affected.

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Practically everyone in Mexico is either corrupt to some degree or on the take that deals with the illegals. It starts at the border and permeates Northward all along the way. There are 66 counted "safe houses" some run by the Catholics and Episcopalians and the trace goes back to the Vatican. The Mexican Government is, and has been, complicit for years. Grupo Beta is one prime example of a Government organization aiding and abetting the transient in various ways. Further the Government recently began issuing 3 day visas for the Central American travelers.

__________________________________________________ _______

I need not expound upon the complicity of our own Federal Government. It's all over the news. And border patrol agents are confirming the allegations.

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Old 07-26-2014, 10:40 AM
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Default Photos

Wikipedis is in English.

The best photos and videos are on Spanish websites, by far.

Fortunately I am proficient in that language, speak, read, write. But for those that are not, these are shockers none the less. Well worth viewing.
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Old 08-10-2014, 06:44 AM
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Default Upate:

The border convoy that originated in Murrieta, * Murietta ? ) California has completed it's traverse in McAllen Texas. August 1 -7, 2014.There were 30 vehicles. It was sponsored and conducted by a California radio talk show host.

Only one fracas occurred in El Paso. The patriots were rousted out at 4:30 AM and told that they had 10 minutes to evacuate or be left behind. It was a death threat. They were spirited away by heavily armed local militia according to reports, to a safe location 45 minutes away.

In McAllen they observed our Government dumping 94 illegal children and women at the McCallen bus station unceremoniously to figure out their next move. Fending for themselves.

I vigorously endorse this move. This will send back a stern message to the other border jumpers while at the same time denying the Coyote transporters business.
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