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Old 01-18-2010, 08:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Rim05 View Post
I must respond this post Everything about the corruption of the government, the greed, drug use, drug dealing etc. sounds like every country on any map.
The Dominican Republic has closed its borders and stationed the military to make sure there are no border crossers. Why do you suppose this is?
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Old 01-18-2010, 08:53 AM
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Originally Posted by wetibbe View Post
The answer is NO.

There is no fundamental reason to justify taking in the remnants of every natural disaster in the world. We have our own disaster here already - millions of needy Americans. 50% black unemployment in cities. 80% unemployment on Indian reservations. Our cities and states are going bankrupt. The boat is FULL !

Question - How many Haitians came to the Gulf Coast to help Katrina victims ?

There are plenty of Caribbean Islands that can take in those needy. For Example Cuba.

How many Haitians is Hugo Chavez going to take in. Saudi Arabia ? The Emirates ?

If those are African descendants then it is only natural that they should emigrate back to their roots.

BTW maybe some should remain in Haiti and help reconstruct the nation.

And maybe Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover could open up an orphanage there in Haiti !!! Maybe Tiger Woods would like to assist ? Or Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson ?
I agree. It isn't a good thing for America to keep on bringing people from around the world whenever there is a calamity and throwing them on the backs of our taxpayers. We are overwhelmed as it is and the results of decades of our governments stupid gathering of refugees to bring here has completely weakened and demoralized us. I am furious over this stuff. As stated by others, there are other countries that can help these unfortunate people. Why are we always forced to to give up what we have to accomodate others? This is just stupid US Gov BS!
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Old 01-18-2010, 09:43 AM
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Default Who is helping ?

I heard today that Senegal has offered to create a state for Haitians who want to return to Africa.

So far this is the only entity that I have heard of who has stepped forward.

Has anyone heard from the Black community other than Michelle Obama who is asking for donations of gulp gee whiz, ready for this - $10 - ten - TEN dollars. Jesus that may break the bank !!

I didn't hear from the Congressional Black Caucus or the NAACP or the black police officers benevolent society or Reverend James Manning or Jeremiah Wright or Martin Luther King, Jr. Or Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or Brown University.

Or from Oprah or Danny, or Magic Johnson or the Williams tennis sisters, or the Hollywood blacks or Tiger Wood, Or Shak or the pro-football and basket ball players or whats his name the boxer, boxers, or the Michael Jackson family or OJ Simpson !!!.

Or the Mexican Government !

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Old 01-29-2010, 09:10 PM
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Some folks never get enough immigrants

Dear Davi,

Please do one more thing today to help survivors of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Ask President Obama and Secretary Napolitano to help approximately 50,000 Haitians join family members in the U.S. who are citizens or permanent residents right away.

These Haitians have already been through the full legal process to join close relatives (a spouse, child, parent, or sibling) in the U.S. and have been fully approved by the U.S. government. However, they remain on waiting lists where they could languish for as long as 10 years.

After the earthquake some of these Haitians have been injured and need family to care for them. Others have lost some or all of their family members in Haiti and urgently need to be reunited with their family members in the U.S. This is simply the humane thing to do.

Canada has already begun this process. Please urge the Obama Administration to do the same right away.

America has always responded when lives are in danger. And Americans take care of family.

Please take action today to help expedite the process for these Haitians who have suffered so much to join their family in the U.S.

I thank you for doing all that you can to help Haitian earthquake survivors.


Lavinia Limon
President, USCRI
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