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Old 10-04-2011, 11:53 AM
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Default Update on John and Ken

This morning, Oct. 4, 2011, the Hispanic campaign to purge John and Ken from the airwaves was discussed at length on KPFK, FM 90.7 show entitled "Uprising with Sonali Kolhatkar". KPFK is essentially a communist radio station that supports "democracy" and "free speech" by supporting campaigns to silence Americans who disagree with them.

The host, Sonali Kolhatkar, is an immigrant, an Afghan woman with one of those hokey trademark, foreign accents which underscores her abjectly humble status as an "oppressed minority" who came to America for a better life and who now uses her better life to attack the civil rights of white Americans who foolishly allowed her into their country.

This morning she devoted 20 minutes of her show to the Hispanic campaign to get the John and Ken Show (640 AM KFI) off the air because it is "hate speech" for uppity whites to criticize minorities, in this case, Hispanics.

Her two guests were Jorge Mario Cabrerro, head of CHIRLA, and Alex Nogales, of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, an interesting and weirdly Orwellian name for this organization. Most people think of a Media coalition in terms of presenting points of view. The goal of this medial coalition, however, is to silence other people and censor their views. In this respect it's like almost all leftist organizations: their true goals are the exact opposite of their names.

Nothing much new here. They went on about how John and Ken opposed AB13, gave out Cabrerro's phone number, and how Cabrerro's feelings were hurt when uppity Gringos called to say what they thought of him. Now the Hispanic Media Coalition have re-grouped and announced a campaign to take John and Ken off the air because this is "hate speech", is "shockingly outrageous", is "racist" blah, blah, blah, and it's influencing the political process.

They openly bragged about how they used their power to get Lou Dobbs off the air and stated their intention to do the same thing to J&K. They bragged that Latinos and immigrants now make up 49% of LA County and that their power can't be stopped.

The hatred, malice and viciousness of these "people" simply must be heard to be appreciated.

They are the voices of people who don't even have a legal right to be in this country but who have invaded us with the stated intention of using their new found political power to censor us. This is the open, unconcealed face of Hispanic racial supremacy at its ugliest. Too dumb to pass the most basic reading and math skills tests in school, but smart enough to form organizations to silence Americans whose country they invaded.

According to the KPFK web site, their shows are archived. Go there and listen for yourself. This show provides useful insight as to how Latinos plan to l use their newly acquired political power. They will use it to crush any Americans who dare to criticize them. This broadcast makes clear their intention to reduce Americans to second class citizenship by crushing any American white voice that dares speak out.

The National Hispanic Media Coalition website and more on the John and Ken issue. Note their motto is opening doors for Latinos in media. Clearly this is a racial supremacist organization that supports rights of one race to the exclusion of other races. HOW COME THESE VERMIN ARE NOT AFRAID OF BEING CALLED "RACISTS"? [Because the term "racist" is a form of psy-war used exclusively against white people, that's why!]

Here's CHIRLA website:

Check out the CHIRLA board: Not much "diversity" there.

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