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Old 09-16-2011, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Don View Post
Tens of millions of white people feel the same way I do about the savages who have taken over American cities and now form "flash mobs" to rob and attack the few white people who don't have the income or the good sense to get the Hell out. For decades, these tens of millions of whites have fled the inner cities to white suburbs and white schools where they could be found. This is called "White Flight." Maybe you heard of it.

Neutered by "political correctness" and minority "civil rights" vigilantes, most contemporary Whites are forced keep their true feelings to themselves to avoid being fired from their jobs or otherwise persecuted by the authorities for being "racis." For for more than half a century, however, millions of neutered whites have voted with their feet and fled as far away from minority infested slums as their incomes and the freeways would take them.

Minorities and their "fellow travelers" like you always defend minority thugs by making some bogus moral equivalency argument such as ... "whites once lynched blacks so it is now OK for black flash mobs to attack white people."

I can only hope that you will some day have the good fortune to be hunted down and beaten by one of those black flash mobs you have defended so passionately. When they're beating, stomping and kicking you to a pulp, you can tell them that you always defended them and insulted white people when you had the chance.

I'm sure they will have as much respect for your statements as I do.
Here is the difference, Don:

No pun intended, but you see the world in black and white, or more to the point black versus white.

It has been noted on this website about black flight from the city for those who have the means to do so, only to be followed by publicly funded welfare cases who bring some of the cockroaches with them.

I've worked in those neighborhoods, where there are decent people who are victimized and intimidated by gang banging assholes, and they can't get out. But, to you, they are all the same person.

How much chance between being kicked by a mule and struck by a meteorite is there for the average American of any race to experience this:

I can only hope that you will some day have the good fortune to be hunted down and beaten by one of those black flash mobs...
I've been through two attempted robberies, a fight provoked by complete stranger who had an accomplice standing behind me so they could kick the living shit out of me for the anonymous fun of it, a drunk asshole who tried to stab me over really stupid shit, a cop I had never seen before and had not provoked from a different agency than the arresting appeared through a door and kicked me around a booking room while cuffed with apparent sadistic glee, and more like stupid shit which went on during a bad time in my life.

Not a bit of it had to do with a "black flash mob" organized via twitter.

But, it's all about minority "savages" and "greasy hand Jews" with you, isn't it?
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