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Default Anti-illegal Alien Rally January 16th, Santa Clarita CA

Hello Citizen and SOS'ers,

This is a note from Jeanfromfillmore. I would like to announce that we have formed a new Save Our State organization ( Our goal is to continue the street activism and fight against amnesty so badly needed here in California after the old was abandoned by those who were in management.

This is also to inform you that some factions of the movement have taken steps to discourage the members of the old Save Our State and others from participating in the new organization, and they have even gone so far as to label those that have re-joined Save Our State as ‘goons’. I personally am offended by such action and name calling. Save Our State was built by the members whose time, money and enthusiasm gave the organization a place in this movement. We, the old members of SOS, deserve better treatment and the respect we’ve earned and are entitled to. There have been outright false statements issued and published stating that our new organization stole the Save Our State name, when in reality, the old organization was abandoned. Chelene Nightingale and Joe Turner turned their backs on the old organization, and in doing so they abandoned all the goodwill the members built in to it over the years. They did this to proceed on their own endeavors, thus leaving the members with very little to turn to in the way of street activism. The members did not join SOS to be used as stepping stones for the personal enrichment or the political aspirations of any one individual. Our goal in joining SOS, was and still is, to work with others fighting an invasion that continues to destroy our towns, neighborhoods and schools. We invite you to visit our new website and review our corporate statement. We hope you agree with our agenda and become a supporter or associate of Save Our State, and join others as we revitalize and continue the legacy of this once thriving organization.
View our agenda, rules, and guidelines here:

We are going to pick up the pieces of what those whom we trusted to keep SOS safe, have left behind.

Saturday January 16 between 11am and 1pm we will hold an anti-illegal immigration rally in Santa Clarita, CA at the Corner of Magic Mountain Parkway and Valencia Blvd.

Bring signs that support Legal American workers, Border Security, Immigration Law Enforcement, Deportation, E-verify, and very related material.

Save Our State does not support or associate with racially specific or racially exclusive groups. Any one person, or groups of, that attempt to practice those agendas during this event are prohibited within our perimeter, and are discouraged from doing so nearby

I hope you can join us as we work together to fight those open borders organizations and politicians in their quest for amnesty. Come stand with your fellow citizens and voice your opinion regarding illegal immigration, amnesty, and border security

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