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Old 11-20-2009, 04:24 PM
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Default This was wrtten almost 17 years ago, amazing

This was written almost seventeen years ago. Just imagine if everyone had listened back then. What is said and warned back then is known as fact now.
Program of 13th March, 1993
The NEA's Anti-American Agenda Threatens Our Nation

Who said this? "Allegiance to a nation is the biggest stumbling block to the creation of international government. National boundaries and the concept of sovereignty must be abolished. The quickest way to do this is to condition the young to another and broader alliance. Opinion favorable to international government will be developed in the social studies curriculum in the public schools." Were those the words of an Alger Hiss, or some other well-known traitor to America? No, they were from a handbook for teachers published by the National Education Association, also known as the NEA for short.

And who said this? "Conditioning is a process which may be employed by the teacher to build up attitudes in the child and predispose him to the action by which those attitudes are expressed." Were those words taken from a Communist course book on brainwashing? No, that sage advice is from the Yearbook of the National Education Association.

And who said this? "Education should and can be made a force to equalize the conditions of men." Could it have been those well-known equalitarian idealists Marx or Lenin? No, that was from the Secretary's Report of the National Education Association right here in the USA.

You may be starting to get the point, but here's one more quote for you - where do these words of wisdom come from? "What if teachers don't want power? Organize the ones who do. The building of a power base needs a leader, who is initially more important than the number of people you have behind him. Among others, Martin Luther King, Ho Chi Minh, and Fidel Castro suggest the wisdom of this advice. [Train your] people by making the other side insult or assault your people so that they can learn what the other side is really like. ...getting the [school] superintendent to insult or to assault your people is regarded as of higher value than ten weeks of formal training. It is hard to deal with an enemy with whom you have a personal relationship. You should not let your people fraternize with the enemy." Sounds like it comes from a revolutionary Marxist training manual, doesn't it? It's actually from a official report to the NEA by one Saul Alinsky.

On today's program I'm going to blow the lid off this organization - the National Education Association - and expose its subversive and anti-American agenda for all to see - on American Dissident Voices.

Most Americans do not know what is going on in the public school classrooms of this country. They complain that property taxes are too high, yes, and they are perplexed when a massive bureaucracy and billions upon billions in public school funding produce not young scholars but illiterate drug-abusing criminals and delinquents. But sadly, most of us irresponsibly throw up our hands and hope that "someone else" will solve these problems for us - that "someone else" usually meaning teachers, politicians, educational bureaucrats, "whoever is in charge." We hope for the best and trust the politicians' promises because we feel intimidated by the size of the problems and by our own lack of expertise and knowledge in the field of education. Due to this irresponsibility on our part a almost an entire generation has been denied a proper education. The situation is getting so bad in many major cities that to send your child to a public school is tantamount to child abuse. Is it surprising that even such an eager booster of the education establishment as Bill Clinton, (who made a promise to send his daughter, Chelsea, to a public school) when confronted with the grim realities of the hellhole that the DC public schools have become, quietly enrolled her in an exclusive private school?

Little John or little Jane are, in some jurisdictions, more likely to be hooked on dope than on the classics of English literature, more likely to learn the brutal reality of rape than the subtleties of the calculus, more likely to be assaulted than instructed - and when they are instructed, it will more than likely be in how to use a condom, how to fight for "gay rights," and how to be a good citizen of the New World Order.

Americans desperately need to become informed and involved in their children's education. A beginning of a hopeful trend is the "home schooling" movement. A small but growing group of American parents are abandoning the public schools as hopelessly incapable of providing their children with a decent education. How right they are. Behind the shiny glass windows and angular, ugly architecture of the modern American public school there is occurring a betrayal of our American heritage and values, and a subversion of our nation that would shock you to your knees, if only you knew about it. Since the Liberal news media tell us very little, most Americans remain ignorant. What I am going to tell you today is only a small part of the story of the takeover of the public schools by the enemies of America, but it is a crucial part. If I succeed in inspiring you to get involved in the fight to take back America's schools from those who have stolen them from us, then I will have achieved my goal.

On 16th Street in Washington, DC stand the offices of an organization called the National Education Association, or NEA for short. The NEA was founded in 1857 by a group of 43 teachers. For many years it was merely a professional association of teachers, acting in many ways like a labor union and fighting for the economic interests of its members, though often clothing its agenda with high-sounding rhetoric about "fighting for an equal opportunity for all children," etc. For approximately the first fifty years of its existence, the NEA had a reputation as a relatively decent and benign institution.

The NEA represents itself today as a professional association and much more - as an "education lobby." Now that all sounds very fine, doesn't it? After all, who could be against education?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to tell you that the NEA is a massively funded and powerful organization with effective control over teachers and public education in this country, with its tentacles reaching deeply into the education bureaucracy in Washington and into your wallet and mine; and it is an organization which is firmly dedicated to the conversion of this country into a province in a one-world government, a New World Order in which the independence of the United States would cease to exist and in which the American people would become an insignificant and powerless minority.

How did the radical transformation of this organization take place?

Let me quote from The Siecus Circle, published in 1977, by Claire Chambers:

"Recognizing the organization's potential for exerting tremendous pressure and influence on American education, the ...socialist complex wasted no time in seizing control of the NEA; this it accomplished as far back as the early 1900's. Early NEA leaders who strove for a one-world ...order included such ...Communist fronters as John Dewey and William Heard Kilpatrick. Harold Rugg and Marxist professor George S. Counts... were among the NEA teacher-leaders whose writings helped steer the leftward course of this organization in the early 1930's.

By maneuvering converts into top administrative positions, [these] master planners gained control of the NEA."

At roughly the same time, the then National Chairman of the Communist Party, USA, William Z. Foster, in his book, Toward A Soviet America, wrote that education could advance the revolution best if centrally controlled and organized under a federal Department of Education. Foster said that the Department of Education "should be revolutionized, cleansed of religious, patriotic and other features of the bourgeois ideology. The students will be taught on the basis of Marxian dialectical materialism, internationalism, and the general ethics of the new Socialist society."

Is it merely a coincidence that the NEA fought for decades to establish just such a federal Department of Education, as envisaged by Communist William Z. Foster? Their efforts paid off in 1977 when Jimmy Carter, in return for NEA support in the 1976 election, created the DOE. The DOE bureaucracy has been since its inception heavily interlocked with that of the NEA.

But surely, you may say, our Department of Education and the NEA are not promoting the internationalism and anti-Americanism proposed by William Z. Foster! Judge for yourself the motives of the NEA, as I read to you from the NEA publication, Today's Education, the March- April 1976 issue, part of an article entitled "A Declaration of Interdependence" by long-time world government proponent Henry Steele Commager:

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Old 11-20-2009, 04:24 PM
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"Now we must join with others to bring forth a New World Order. It is essential that mankind free itself from the limitations of national prejudice. All people are part of one global community. We call upon all nations to strengthen and sustain the United Nations and its specialized agencies, and other institutions of world order..."

The fact that the NEA published this treasonous trash in the Bicentennial year of American Independence is an insult to every patriot. I say that the NEA's "Declaration of Interdependence" is in complete opposition to our Declaration of Independence. The one-world agenda of this organization is a direct threat to our national and individual freedom.

Columnist Russell Evans wrote in 1983:

"A big wheel in the machinery of the proposed New World Order is the National Education Association, now enjoying its crowning achievement: the Cabinet-level Department of Education. In the master plan for this New World Order, a scheme that is frightening more and more Americans, it appears that the NEA wants to control education. ...this is [part of] an insidious global machine designed to crush our national sovereignty."

In 1937, in its 15th Yearbook, the NEA itself declared that:

"The present capitalistic and nationalistic school system has been supplanted in but one place - Russia - and that change was effected by revolution. Hence the verdict of history would seem to indicate that we are likely to have to depend upon revolution for social change of an important and far-reaching character."

How was it possible for such an anti-American and frankly Marxist agenda to be espoused by America's largest professional association of teachers - for decades - without sparking outrage and resistance on a massive scale from parents and the many good and decent teachers?

For one thing, part of the responsibility must lie at our own feet; for it is our money- consciousness, our materialism, our essential conservatism, and our desire to "get along" and "not rock the boat" that all too often paralyzes Americans when faced with a revolutionary enemy. We always try to sense which way the wind is blowing and are always careful not to say or do anything which might get us branded as politically incorrect. Unfortunately, the media arbiters of what is and what is not politically correct are the allies of the NEA and the other enemies of America. Additionally, we Americans don't like to believe that we have any domestic enemies. We like to believe that all our institutions and leaders are just fine and dandy, thank you, in need of a little fine-tuning perhaps, but essentially sound. We find it almost impossible to accept the fact that powerful alien forces have literally taken over large parts of both the public and private sectors in this country. We have an obsessive need to believe that "everything's all right." To believe otherwise would mean that we had a responsibility to face up to this extremely frightening and dangerous situation and do something about it. And the media, of course, do everything they can to encourage this "everything's all right" delusion. They tell us that "Communism is dead." What they don't tell us is that the forces that created Communism are still very much alive, under different names, and are still doing their deadly work, right here in America. For all practical purposes, these leftist revolutionaries meet almost no resistance from the money-centered, sheep-like citizens of the USA. They're a little bit like bank robbers who arrive on the scene to find all the security guards watching television in the basement with the safe unlocked and unguarded.

Another element in the amazing phenomenon of American non-resistance to the theft of our children's minds is the fact that the schemers who plan to turn our country into a Third World province of their world government were rising to power all over American society in the 1930's, not just in the educational establishment. With the accession to power of Franklin Roosevelt, the federal government threw out the welcome mat to secret and even open Communists at every level and department. These same alien forces were also at that time consolidating their power in the news and entertainment media, and all of these parts of the alien anti-American coalition cooperated closely in covering each other's tracks and in diverting the attention of Americans to trivialities or imagined overseas threats, just as they do today.

What do the NEA and their allies want? They want power - absolute power as their number one goal. This is the real motivation behind their push for the "consolidation" of local school districts, which mimimizes the influence of parents and local school boards on educational decision- making. Their desire for total power is also what sends them into a state of near-frenzy on those rare occasions when parents have demanded the removal of obscene or subversive textbooks. You see, parents not wanting their children to read anti-American propaganda or homosexual smut is "censorship," whereas the NEA's rewriting of American history and editing of Western literature to fit in with the "multicultural" agenda is "academic freedom." They will talk a nice line to an audience of parents, and a very different one in their own conclaves and publications, a few of which I've quoted today. Do they consciously want to destroy education in this country? Surprisingly, although they seem to be doing just that, I doubt it. I just don't think that the leaders of the NEA care very much about the education of our children. It is their quest for political power and their leftist, New World Order political agenda that they care about. They want to brainwash our children into a multicultural, one-world mold. They care little for reading, writing, or mathematics; and they see traditional civics, English literature, Western Art, and American History as "racist" and "Eurocentric."

The NEA's agenda for our children is this: Our children must be prepared for a world government by the year 2000. All pride of race or nationality must be destroyed, as counter to this goal. Unrestricted immigration and integration into the classroom of millions from the ghetto and the Third World must be encouraged, not out of any pretended concern for poor or oppressed peoples, but to dilute and eventually to erase our national identity as a people. Our children must be taught that traditional American moral standards and values, the heritage of our founding fathers, are outdated and repressive. Students must learn that homosexuality is normal and even desirable. Students will learn that the traditional family is a holdover from an earlier, oppressive age, and that today they are "free to choose" "alternative lifestyles" like sodomy, lesbianism, or worse. The value system of the self-styled leftist "experts" will replace that of caring parents and families.

My friends, if you are skeptical about what I am saying, I urge you to carefully read the textbooks - all the textbooks that are now being used in your local public schools. You will find that the NEA has kept the promise of its slogan of several years ago: That slogan was "All Books Over 5 Years Old Must Go!" Attend school board meetings and hearings, become an activist for our children. You will find that these change agents in our public schools hate and abhor traditional education, moral decency, and American patriotism. You will find that you are put on their enemies list if you try to restore those values and standards.

Dear listeners, do you want your precious son or daughter to be taught that homosexual perversion is acceptable behavior? Do you want your little girl or little boy to be taught that the end of American independence and our submersion into a "New World Order" is desirable and good? Do you want your children to be told that the founding fathers of this country were wicked bigots and criminals? If you do want those things, then you need do nothing. The bureaucrats at the NEA are taking care of business just fine. If, however, you don't want to see America's children indoctrinated to accept a future as serfs in a multicultural, Third World America - and if you'd like to see the traditional patriotic nature and academic standards of American education restored - then you need to join together with your fellow patriots and work for a brighter future for our nation and people.
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Old 10-22-2015, 09:02 PM
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This was written 13 years before I posted six years ago on SOS so that would make it 19 years ago. For years this has been ignored, now they are coming around. Wouldn't it have been nice if they'd (the public) had paid attention 10 or 20 years ago, before that second generation of indoctrinated had happened.

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