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Old 02-08-2011, 11:41 AM
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Default Save The Rooster!

During a cockfight, a man attending it was stabbed by a rooster that had been forced to fight for its' life against other roosters for the amusement of inhuman spectators. The cockfight was raided and some of the remaining birds were gathered up by Tulare county Animal control where they are being cared for. Tulare county animal control has limited resources and cannot hold animals indefinately. Save Our State is encouraging Californians to either contribute to the Tulare county animal control, or even consider adopting these birds. One of Save Our State's core principles is encouraging California's native born American citizens to rise up against the advance of corrupt foreign influences that do not represent American culture, and when we see a simple animal take the incentive to rebel against a barbaric third world sport that has accompanied the invasion of illegal entrants from Mexico, it is inspirational to say the least. Please consider contacting the Tulare County Animal Control and sponsoring this brave rooster.

Please come visit our shelter Monday through Saturday from 10 am 5 pm. Come see us at 14131 Avenue 256 in Visalia or call the shelter at 559-636-4050 for more information.. Help give an animal a second chance at love.
Donation Information:
Checks made payable to Tulare County Animal Control or TCAC will be deposited into our general fund, which will be used to help support our animal control facility. If you would like for your donation to be allotted for care of a certain animal or spay/neutering, please make your check payable to Friends of Tulare County with a note on the check stating what the funds are to be used for.
Incident Report LOCATION: Avenue 24 Between Rd 128 and Rd 136 DATE: 01-30-2011 TIME: 1059 hrs CASE NUMBER: 11-1338 VICTIM: N/A CITY: N/A On the above date and time, deputies responded to the above location regarding a possible cockfight. Upon arrival, numerous subjects fled the area. Deputies located an area that contained items identified with cockfighting, as well as living and dead roosters. Deputies contacted animal control to assist with the animals and collected items from the scene. No suspects were taken into custody.
The Tulare County Sheriff's Department was later contacted by the Kern County Coroner's Office regarding a subject who was deceased and possible connected to the cockfight. Deputies investigated the incident further an obtained information that the decedent obtained an injury possibly from a rooster while fleeing the area and was transported by private party to the Kern County hospital for treatment where he passed away.Please contact Kern County Coroner for information regarding the release of information regarding the decedent.

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Old 02-09-2011, 05:13 PM
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I will never look at a foul at the supper market the same way again. They have truly earned my respect. A bird did what our own government is afraid to do, and that is cut down the illegal alien population. Bird (1) government (0).
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Old 02-10-2011, 08:30 AM
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Jean that was a good one.
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