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Old 03-24-2013, 07:17 PM
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Default TownHall With My New CongressDem

We have a new Congressman, Ami Bera, who replaced a several term republican Dan Lundgren, and he held a small town hall this afternoon just a few blocks from me.
This guy is another tool of the liberal democrat regime. He was non-committal on every issue, but he leaked little bits that indicated he was in favor of immigration reform, gun control, and spend...spend...spend. I knew we were in for it with this one. He doctor, so he shares his "unique" perspective with all of us peons, and of course, claims that washington and congress is disfunctional. The latter part meaning that we have to find out how we can get more of the democrat agenda passed in the form of legislation. He spoke softly, and it was difficult to hear him as he turned from side to side in the room.
He took questions, and of course I blasted away on immigration reform and gun control. I got back typical blather about protecting our communities, and yes...legalizing the illegals, but with this new twist: He referred to them as those who we have eductated and invested in. Plain and simple, this guys a yes-man on amnesty. I specifically asked him how is congress going to respond to Obama releasing detained illegals over the sequestration issue, and he tried to deflect a bit, but I persevered. He then said he's look into it
On gun control, he deflected at every opportunity. One other guy asked if he would vote for feinstein's bill, and to that he would only repreatedly answer that it was hypothetical, and that he needed to see a bill first. The problem with that answer is that he obviously has no desire to influence a gun bill; just vote it up or down. That ells me that he will defer to the democrat machine on guns

I took the camera, but did not shoot. Not this time.

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