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Default Would like your thoughts on a new(?) form of Activism

It seems that SOS is one of the very few groups left that have or continue to engage in activism. Thank you.

With that said, it seems to me that a more firm or direct approach, if you like is needed to spark the interest of the sheeple. Even with the economy in the toilet most Americans are unwilling to take any direct action. And those skunks that engage in treason will continue to so unabated.

Which begs the question of how to proceed in order to garnish real life results.
It's crystal clear that most Americans no longer would be motivated by appeals to patriotism or 'charity begins at home'. And those that are concerned
do so via the internet only.

Therefore, that leaves 2 options. Wait until the economy crashes and hope that Americans finally 'get it'. Or try using the only motivators left. Self interest and fear.

In other words, I would direct the activism or protest as the case may be towards specific political, religious or other entities. But in a way that encourages them to take stock in their self preservation or fear, if you will. Mostly from a financial perspective. We now live in a society that values making money above all. Even treason.

Here's few examples.

In front of X corporation I would post a large banner on their front lawn during the night with "X proudly outsources jobs while Americans are out of work'

"Walmart, always slave labor"

"Bob's landscaping thanks you for paying the welfare of our illegal aliens employees"

"The (DNC or GOP) supports amnesty for illegals while Americans are out of work"

Then there's AIPAC, the Catholic League, the ADL, media outlets, shills such as Limbaugh and Hannity.

And so on.


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