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Originally Posted by FrankJorge View Post
Ilbegone calm is the winner in these confrontations but race has been a part of this forever as the illegals try to claim racial discrimination...there is no way to take race out of the issue. We have always said that our issue is one of legalities and of legal presence but the ilegals press on with their claim that evryone who is against their presence is indulging in "racism". It isn't us...its them.
I understand your argument, and whatever I do concerning illegal immigration involves legal and economic issues. However, there is a much larger discussion concerning the implosion of the anti-illegal immigration movement for which I literally don't have the time to get into right now, not because I don't want to discuss it. Let's just say that not a few gave ammunition to the pro illegal side concerning several associated issues..

As I said before, what truly differentiates quite a number of "Mexican - Americans" from descendants of other groups which also willingly and purposefully came before, is the embracement of the notion of victimization. They get it from school, the media and race obsessed "activists" who get gains from stirring up polarization, there is an exhaustive litany within ancestral Mexican (in Mexico) education of wrongs and mistreatment perpetrated on Mexico and Mexicans from nearly everything and everyone possible, real, imagined, fabricated or opined.

Most of the people you are dealing with are whipped up by remote others pulling strings.
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