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Default Fizzle - again.

Big Boner still in.

What are they up to ???

It's going to take some intense contemplation to unmask the Republican game plan - that is - IF there is one!

When congress has a 9% favorability rating, what can we expect except more of the same.

It's looking like all of the potential Presidential candidates will roll over and let the Latinos have a bienvenido.

Those dedicated Republican Congressmen with common sense are apparently seriously outnumbered by more liberal comrades.

And how can we reconcile this with the hugely successful takeover of Senate and Congress by Republicans.

Well, for starters, the PEOPLE voted for the Senators and Congressmen while Congressmen voted for Boehner.

Looks like some kind of disconnect between the will of the people and the contrary entrenched Republican representatives.

Best answer is to throw more of the bums out and elect more new faces.
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