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Default Power stuff coming.

Lot's happening.

We will see if the tide turns soon to change the course of history.

But first:

California drivers licenses. It has been a see saw between my friends in California and my friends in New York to see who is the most dysfunctional.

Lamentably I concede - YOU win. Knowing Immigration laws intimately, as I do, California cannot amend Federal Law. Prior. Further the Federal law provides for serious, big time punishment for violations. Eric Holder attacks any LEO who goes after illegal aliens but zips it up and sits on his/their hands when this cabal stray off the reservation.

How can I say it: Unfair, criminal, disingenuous, duplicitous, corrupt, embarrassing, __________________________ ad infinitu=im .......

__________________________________________________ _____

John Holder:

Time for him to go:

Today is January 3, 2015. Voting January 6th, 3 days from now. That will be Tuesday next.

Check this link for more update info............
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