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I haven't seen the figures, but I understand that the media ranks right down with used car salesmen in the polling.

Sure, a cat fight is always fun to watch and there's nothing so fascinating as watching a train wreck as it happens. And, it's not exactly news that there is plenty of hypocrisy in the political class on both sides.

I will add that I neither like nor trust either side, not the least that both sides sold out their constituencies years ago. I get it.

However, you have to do what works - or at least gets you in a positive direction.

I was with a political group for a year or so that was actually hard working and had a good message. There was some disconnect on how to appeal to the younger crowd, but they were headed in a good direction. Then, the last meeting I attended somehow became a sort of a camp meeting revival, to which I objected and then I left and haven't been back. You bring people in by showing them a way to become gainfully employed and having a piece of the pie through the private sector, not by preaching at them.

In another venue I wanted to present the fact that if the Supreme Court rules that the Obamacare law is to be interpreted not by literal wording but by a subjective judgement of "intent", then literal wording of the 14th amendment and birth right citizenship becomes unraveled. The background discussion had to do with citizenship of former slaves and their descendants and affirm their 2nd amendment rights in order to defend themselves while denying 2nd amendment rights to Indian tribes with whom there were active hostilities - it had nothing to do with illegal migration or birth tourism over a century later. As I anticipated, the subsequent discussion became diverted with the arguable notion that even though it's been going on since Washington's last year in office and that the practice has practically zero chance of changing, the Constitution doesn't support Judicial review by the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court shouldn't be ruling on the constitutionality of either Obamacare or the 14th Amendment.

So, pointing out that Obamacare activists / open borders nut jobs can't have it both ways got side tracked with the unspoken notion that we should be standing on the Supreme Court steps wearing sackcloth and yelling at passersby that judicial review by the Supreme Court is unconstitutional. That stuff doesn't advance a political cause.

You have to do what works, and it has been amply demonstrated that fur and feathers flying around inside the Republican electoral tent doesn't work. If it goes that way, they just may as well take down and stow their circus tent and just go home because they will be wasting everyone else's time by giving the election away.

Hillary is very objectionable and and if you think it's been bad with Obama either Warren or Sanders would be the Obama third term he would have liked to have had in his first term.

Don't give them the election.
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