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Well we'll see. If anything it will be interesting to see how the politicians respond and how the public accepts their explanations.

What this country needs is for the citizens to speak louder than the media; to actually start yelling. It is the media that needs a lesson in civics and journalism. If they begin to realize no one believes their crap or depends on them for the truth, then maybe they'll stop trying to lead us down the spiral this country is in.

I just don't see Hillary succeeding at anything. But then again, California has a 30% functionally illiterate rate and we have Moonbeam again in Sacramento. Stupid ignorance is hard to wipe out and Clinton dodges without a question. Maybe the media will try to clean itself up, but that's a long shot.

What Trump did do is expose the hypocrisy of the political class. Now we'll see who is so beholden to the party that they'll commit political suicide one way or the other. I don't care if the GOP explodes, they're no good to me the way they've become. And the Dems are so damaged now that only the far left will defend them.

It will be very interesting to watch the feathers fly.
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