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I went back and reviewed the film and I thought that looked like Naui carrying around a camera.

Naui's specialty is looking for the village idiot in the crowd and egg him into saying something stupid, then casting an edited clip of it all over the internet as proof as how racist everyone in the crowd is.

You're not going to get anywhere arguing with a race obsessed "University Mexican" like Naui.

As for the "I'm indigenous" blather, they conveniently forget that their mother and father is Hernan Cortez and Malintzin, founders of the Mestizo nation just south of ours. When not speaking about it in fluent, if not always educated, American English, they contrive in various levels of ability to rant about European transgressions against "the indigenous" in the European derived language of Mexican Spanish, which was formed in part by European Roman Catholicism. Probably all of them have an image of some sort of the Mexican Virgin of Guadadalupe of Tepayac, which is a near knock off of the Spanish Virgin of Guadalupe of Extramadura - the main difference is exchanging an Indian for a Shepherd.

The word Guadalupe itself was derived from Arabic (something like wadi al upe, quad al upi). Spain was an Islamic domain for several centuries.

It's more than highly probable that the ancestral origin among all of them at the rally crossed the border rather than the border crossing them. Note that not a one of them is registered by any tribe in America (no relation), and don't confuse an Apache for being Mexican. That's a major insult.

They wouldn't have been present opposing your Trump Rally if it weren't for the very Americanization which make them such traitors in Mexico, in the Mexican view they're all a bunch of Oreo eating coconut pochos.

It's my contention that Naui himself is about as Mexican as the Taco Bell Chihuahua or the Frito Bandito, with a hint of Asian tourist at Disneyland the way he slings that camera around. If it weren't for the differences in skin tone, he could probable get along real well with David Duke - they pretty much have about the same thought process.
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