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Originally Posted by Rim05 View Post
Will be my first job for today. I do think if you hire a person you should pay them for the work. I just will not hire any day laborer.
I feel the same way.

However, unless one has extensive experience with Mexicans, one wouldn't know there would be very few Mexican males who would cop to not knowing how to do something. I don't if it has to do with some notion of masculine pride, saying or doing anything to make a buck, or both.

Generally, you get what you pay for. And if you provide the ride to and from and provide the tools and material it doesn't take a genius to calculate that 99 percent of the time the guy is going to try to fake his way through something he hasn't a clue about.

If he brings his own tools, and has his own transportation, if he has a funky hammer and cheap or improvised tools, he probably isn't skilled.

I believe that generally, if someone has all brand new personal tools, either his stuff was stolen and he's replaced all his gear or he's a novice. Does he work in a professional manner, or are there a lot of wasted moves? Just because someone races around, throwing up a lot of dust, doesn't mean he's productive.

And, just because someone sells his labor cheap doesn't mean he's productive. Maybe he's desperate or indifferent. Or resentful that it's all he can aspire to.

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