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No it isn't. It is a well-practiced race-baiter (Gutierrez) doing his thing. Anyone who disagrees with the open borders folks is to be demonized and intimidated. Especially in a La Raza stronghold like So. Cal. There will be no debates upon the merits, only ugly accusations and attempts to show force. This is much of what the Left deals in at the beginning of the 21st Century. It's not an attempt to take away your free expression rights. It is an attempt to get you to voluntarily forego them. Bob Kellar and Mike Antonovich aren't playing along and now they're getting targeted.

From my perspective, one of the best things that could happen would be for Gutierrez or some other similar type to bring a few hundred open borders drones/anchor babies to Santa Clarita, and protest to their hearts' content. The spectacle would speak volumes to middle Americans who would see it well publicized on TV. People are fed up to their eyebrows with PC idiocy and I'm not sure if our friends on the Left realize how pronounced this distaste for it has become with everyday citizen taxpayers.
Sam is right. Nothing serves our cause better than masses of Mexican flag waving immigrants (legal and/or illegal) screaming like a bunch of petulant children for their "rights". It backfired on them after the first "May Day" march, and it will continue to back fire on them until they realize that they need to end their ethnocentric rhetoric, and remove the law breakers from their midst.
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