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Today's event at the state capitol went ok,

I hit some thick traffic on the way in which put me about 20 minutes late, but when I got there and started setting up, a news crew approached me and asked if I was with SOS. They asked to film me setting up the flagpole and display, so of course I accomodated them. Towards the end, another guy with a camera showed up and took some shots for a weekly paper. After the flag was raised, I gave an interview with the first one. I'm not sure how much will end up in print, but I covered all the main points and answered all her questions. After they left, I parked the truck so as to avoid any further parking tickees, and walked back to the capitol.
The display attracted a lot of people. Some glanced, some read while they walked by, some stopped and read, and some did the double take after walking by and came back. There were zero detractors. several people thanked me for doing it.
A few legislators walked by, one being Mark Leno, who glanced, but apparently didn't want to stop. I did the prayer at 12:00 noon, but decided against the protest since the display seemed to be frequented more when I wasn't there. I think this type of memorial event begs for people who don't want confrontation or to be bothered in any way by anyone else. Best to just sit back and reap the rewards from afar.
At dusk, I rolled the flag down, and one CHP asked if they were going to watch it all night for us!
I then dismantled and loaded up the parts.

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