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This whole thing make me laugh. The use of the childish pejoratives ("name calling", for the childish Mr. Schwilk's benefit) is utterly pathetic and laughable if not for the fact that these people think that they are actually leading people. The fact that Nighten-stein would allow this to continue is another example of why she is unfit to lead a home, least of all the State of California.

As an aside, during my involvement with the first SOS I did some research on mind control techniques used by cults and other groups. One of the techniques is called Dispensing of Existence. In this technique the leadership of the group decides who is worthy of life or death. In the case of Schwilk and Nighten-stein, the dispense existence by determining who is a "true" patriot. This status, once given, can be yanked away at any sign or perception of disloyalty to the organization's leadership. This "dispensing of existence", and a couple of other factors was something that raised red flags with me back then. I spoke to Nighten-stein about my thoughts about SOS turning into a "cult of personality" and was laughed at. She said that she was "too intelligent" to get caught up in a cult. She was right, she was "too intelligent" to get caught up in one, but she was intelligent enough to start one.
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