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OK, here's what I'm sure will prove to be a stupid question:

Why do you care?

The AIP candidate has only a mathematical chance of winning. Further, we know there's been some dissension in the ranks, even prior to Mommy Dearest joining the party. Therefore, it's not surprising that loyalties were split and that a write-in candidate (or candidates) made a comparatively strong showing.
We also need to be reminded that when we look at these election results, we are only looking at primary elections. It is not even necessary that the AIP or anyone have these primary elections. They are only held as a taxpayer funded support for the parties who participate in them. It was not necessary for the AIP to hold a public election for a nominee for the governer's race. It is not even necessary that the AIP hold any elections at all to decide who to nominate for the governer's race. And, really, it is nobody's concern outside of AIP members who the AIP nominates for the governer's race.
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