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Originally Posted by Rim05 View Post
I don't know this group or anyone who belongs to it. I have wondered for such a long time why the Black Community has stood by while everything they had for such a long time has been almost taken away from them.
Joe Turner went to a community meeting in So LA and they treated him like the enemy.

It is true, most employers hire Hispanics over Blacks almost all the time. I would say Hispanic employers will hire one of there own over anyone else.
I think race relations today are worse than in the MLK day in some ways.

Why do you think Obama has such a mad name? He is blamed for all the ignorant things Bush did even today. Mitch OConnell said in the beginning, he would do everything to make Obama a one term President. Why?
How can Obama succeed at anything he tries, and more important WHY?

I wish the group success. Post what ever you can about how they are doing.
I disliked Bush with every fiber of my being and did not vote for him, ever! But I can honestly say that Obama is far worse. He has no leadership skills, he is an embarrassment to this country. This guy is a joke, but not a very funny one. He is the worst possible person in that position at the worst possible time. I was a democrat for over 35 years, and I would be embarrassed to say I was one today. We have not had decent leadership in over 20 years. Between both Bushs, Clintons and Obama there hasn't been one that was worthy of the office. Each one was a real disappointment.
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