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I don't know this group or anyone who belongs to it. I have wondered for such a long time why the Black Community has stood by while everything they had for such a long time has been almost taken away from them.
Joe Turner went to a community meeting in So LA and they treated him like the enemy.

It is true, most employers hire Hispanics over Blacks almost all the time. I would say Hispanic employers will hire one of there own over anyone else.
I think race relations today are worse than in the MLK day in some ways.

Why do you think Obama has such a bad name? He is blamed for all the ignorant things Bush did even today. Mitch OConnell said in the beginning, he would do everything to make Obama a one term President. Why?
How can Obama succeed at anything he tries, and more important WHY?

I wish the group success. Post what ever you can about how they are doing.

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