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Originally Posted by Ayatollahgondola View Post
I'm glad to hear your busy. Maybe you could start by telling us all your secret to success

Yes, we do use email, and I'll see to it you're added. We have projects that we work on that are not visibly displayed, and we're always looking for recruits to expand into. The good thing about some of them is that you can work on them at your leisure.
should I PM you with my email?

my secret is being a mid 20s entepreneur attempting to get back into college who is active in three religious organizations and multiple political grassroots ones as well as working freelance in IT/web dev. so hrm, not much success yet, just energy and ambition.
it's funny how those most aggresive of neo-con warhawks, refuse to acknowledge the war of invasion at our border. It almost seems as if they're worried about defending an entirely different country than our own.
it's time to put America first.


Arizona has spoken. Will America listen?
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