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Originally Posted by Jeanfromfillmore View Post
You can always go to the main page, you get there by clicking on Save Our State up in the left. Then just go through the areas of interest. All the threads are there starting with the newest that have been posted or responded to. There may be another way, but AG would know that. Right now he's sort of busy with stuff.
There are some changes we can make in that regard. They were set for performance and bandwidth preservation at first. Individuals should be able to override the forum default by visiting their control panel and choosing the length of time they want to display the threads from. Find this in your control panel: Default thread age cut off
Then just set it to how old the threads are that you want to go back when searching.
Also, the cookie in your computer will log in the threads you already visited and eliminate them as you ask for "new posts"
And lastly, "new posts" are different from "todays posts"
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