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Originally Posted by Ayatollahgondola View Post
Yes. Class A, with endorsements ..

...Plus, without the commercial class A, I would be out of class to tow the mobile billboard
I have a CDL Class A as well, I've had it since 1978.

I'm not a "truck driver" in the full sense of the term, there are some trucks I may have to drive in the course of my employment, but that is incidental to the occupation. I used to like doing it, but I'd just as soon have the apprentice drive anymore.

And, actually, its all a pain in the ass now. The DMV is all wrapped up in weight instead of whether a person can safely drive the vehicle or combination thereof. I knew a guy who branched out into teaching and qualifying drivers for the DMV test. He had a trailer which was long but didn't have the weight requirement, so he bought a trailer which had a higher unladen weight, but was shorter. Which doesn't make sense to me, because both trailers are unloaded and the longer one requires wider turns and is a little more difficult to make safe lane changes with heavy traffic. I suppose it's better than what it was, 40 some years ago I heard stories about people getting a "chauffeur's license" with a pickup truck and a horse trailer - in the days of the narrow power band, brownie box and pyrometer no less.

Besides, the DMV burdens class A license holders with unequal treatment under the law, and everyone who sees my license - for whatever reason - thinks I'm some sort of 60k, long haul, professional truck driver - an occupation it's difficult to make a living in anymore.

And, it's not just the driving. Everything has changed, there's loads of chickenshit corporate crap you only heard about from people in other occupations in the past. It would be really nice if I could just find someone to pay me to stay away.

Enough grousing,,,

Is that pickup / little trailer combination you have really heavy enough to require a CDL?
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